Help leveling a Hellborn Krieg

I’m very new to playing Krieg and I was wanting to do a hellborn/bloodlust Krieg build but I have no idea where to begin with him. I will be playing coop with a buddy that’ll be playing as Maya, but I’m not sure how to level Krieg. I’m currently at level 12. Thanks in advance for the help!

Welcome! Start with telling us which platform you’re playing on, and maybe one of our mods will move your request to that section.

Here you will find a lot of useful stuff for Krieg. I think you’d be better off to start in the Bloodlust tree. The self burn can be hard to handle initially. Numbed nerves makes it easier, but it still takes some getting used to.


Bloodlust is the safer tree to begin with, especially with a Maya who specs into the Harmony tree.

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I’m on PC as my platform

You could also try this “Meat Man Hotline” for a bit of quick advice in the future …

I found this late but wish i knew about it as i was learning Kreig, which i just did recently so i may still gets some help as i’m trying to learn his melee side of things after playing a gun based Kreig first :+1:

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Go down Hellborn first. The Bloodlust tree is tempting but its a ‘support’ tree by design, lot’s of nice perks but lacking in survivability and coherence of the other 2

Level 6-14- Grab Burn Baby Burn and Fuel the Fire. The Hellborn tree is all about applying elemental effects on yourself and your enemies, so while the whole ‘set yourself on fire’ seems crappy after a while you will want to be on fire all the time. You will want to put at least 8 points into both these skills. Grab Delusional Damage as well, this will become neccesary to deal with loaders and armored enemies

Level 15-25: Grab Numb Nerves. This is a skill that will heavily boost your survivability. Ignore Pain is Power. It’s a really good skill at endame when you are all geared up but in normal mode it can really screw over fights with certain enemies (mostly Constructors) and prevent you from using a good sniper of you find one. Distribute your remaining points between Flame Flare (increased on-fire duration, lets you have your bonuses for longer), Elemental Elation (Mag Size AND fire rate, excellent dps skill) or Fire Fiend (Reload speed and accuracy while on fire, also allows you to set people on fore by punching them).

26-30: Max out Elemental Empathy (25% healing from elemental effects). This is the skill that ties the whole tree together and is the most important skill for a hellborn krieg.

31: Grab Raving Retribution. This skill is alot better than it sounds and works well with the hellborn setup and is a big DPS bonus until the OP levels.

Maliwan weapons are your best friend early on, especially SMGs and snipers. Your grenade should be elemental as well- Vladof and Maliwan grenades both work great. If you find a really good non-elemental weapon though, use it. I know I killed most of the Constructors I encountered in normal mode as Krieg with Jakobs snipers (took an average of 8 shots iirc). Constructors, Saturn and Hot Loaders will be your worst enemy so treat them with respect.

As for Class Mods, I’d recommend using a Torch com that boosts Burn Baby Burn 90% of the time and switching to a Toast com occasionally. Choice of shield isn’t that important but I’d go for either Adaptive or Roid shields personally, and avoid Turtle Shields

Level 32-40: In TVHM I’d recommend focusing exclusively on elemental weapons. Fill out underspecced skills in the Hellborn tree like Fire Fiend and Elemental Elation. Grab a slag weapon- you definitely don’t need slag to kill in TVHM but this will double your DoT healing from elemental empathy which can save your ass sometimes.

Level 41-50: Start your trek down the Bloodlust Tree. Distribute 5 points between Blood-Filled Guns and Blood Twitch. At 45 start throwing points in Blood Bath, and if you can, find a Blister com that boosts it. At this point the game starts throwing ■■■■ like Badass Constructors, Saturn, the Warrior etc at you like candy and Bloodbath can expedite those fights immensely (which, since Krieg lacks the terrain control of Axton/Maya/Gaige is important). Bloodbath also keeps your grenade supply up which is big since Krieg uses more grenades than your average class. Invest in getting strong rocket launchers and shotguns. There’s a guide on which weapons activate Bloodbath on a kill around here- to be succint, all rocket launchers and 99% of Torgue weapons do. Don’t bother with the rest of the Bloodlust tree.

Maliwan and Vladof grenades work best as usual. Grab an Adaptive Shield. Use Torch com for flesh maps and Toast for those with armored enemies, and pull the Blister for enemies that you need dead quick. Certain weapons like the Good Touch or Heartbreaker can make your life easier. By level 48-50 you might want to start grabbing some explosive weapons. Make sure you have a reliable slag weapon beforr you enter UVHM.

Level 51-72: Start going down Mania. Max out Feed the Meat (max health), Embrace the Pain (fire rate) and put 1 point in Thrill of the Kill (50% of overkill damage heals you). Fill up BFG and Blood Twitch, start putting points into Pain is Power. You can basically trivialise any bandit map in the game with a decent vladof grenade, slag application, a maliwan SMG and a Torch com. Loader maps are trickier- a good rocket launcher is helpful against BAs and constructors and will full heal you on a kill, wheel between corrosive and explosive weapons. I’d recommend using a corrosive cloud or tesla with low fuse time.


Im a lv 39 psycho and need help to build him the right way