Help leveling/ friends to play with

Need my phyco to level 50 or higher also wouldn’t mind people to play online with never done any raid bosses and would love to try sometime my gamertag is VaultHunter102 Xbox one

Message me on Xbox

Hi sorry i just started using this site so what where you trying to help me with I saw you do not level up to high levels but I have a level 50 gunzerker with a few good items to use I would really love to kill teramorphis me and my brother never have killed him the highest level he has is a level 35 zero but anything your willing to do if anything just need someone to play with so much I’d still like to do on that game

then you didn’t read my post to well, in both TPS and BL 2 I will power level to the highest level, its just that I do 1 to 50ish in one night on both TPS & BL2, and the rest is how ever long as I want to take especially in TPS as XP sucks big after level 50, not so bad in BL 2

I only need my level 12 psycho up alittle not much and im gonna need a legendary class mod for him when he gets level 50 so I was thinking maybe we can kill teramorphis I’ve never done it but I can use my level 50 gunzerker

And btw I did read your post I just didn’t know what you wanted to do if you just played to play I don’t have many people to play with besides my younger brother but he works all day usually and I do know how ■■■■■■ it is to level people up I would do it myself if I had a bother profile to level my main profile up also I have very little legendarys I’ve only played by myself till very recently but I have the bee for my gunzerker it’s one of the only legendarys I have except for a ■■■■ ton of low level ones that I transferred over to other characters

I need people to play with too, i only have a lv 40 asassin on tvhm

My gamertag is EmilDaBoss101

The best I have to match with a 40 assassin is a level 30 assassin or a level 53 gunzerker

You still there,sorry i didnt see your reply i was doing something


Im wating for lunatic one to finish up a session cant play right now sry

Oh I’m. With him right now