Help levelling up PLZ

Can someone help me level up to 72 fast please ? I’m currently 36 and don’t want to do the play through and all side quests 2 times again , thanks :slight_smile:

What character r u

The mechromacer

U only just started game

Iv done the first play though that’s it , currently at 36 but I was 62 on my 360 but unfortunately sold it before tranfering stuff and I CBA to do play through 2 times over again

Lol…u will still have to do tvhm to get to uvhm

Yeah I don’t mind main story , if I’m level 72 or whatever I can just blast through them

can I get some help power level up to 72 as well i’ve already beat the game 5 time on the 360 plus i don’t want to all the side quest again. My PSN name is: UNRS.

Im on xbox one bud

im xbox one too

my gt is: R T Brock