Help LF ITS PISS (A) Will pay cash via payal

Ive been farming and searching and now that the event is done im willing to pay for yourntime via paypal. I just need this specific annoitment i have tons to trade all cataloged as well
I have dire need of it and cant get it anymore someone please help! The only item i need for my build i farmed/traded heavy for what i have so completing it is my goal. Since day 2 i have had a vision let me complete it.

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I’m sorry I wish I could help, I don’t have that annointment(PlayStation).

However, there is a further issue I would like to bring up.

I’ve been having similar troubles finding a particular class mod (Raging Bear +3 Stokes w/bonus Incendiary and Splash/grenade).

I realize this is kind of specific to search for but all the same, it should still be reasonable for me to have a means to obtain it.

However, I’ve spent countless hours farming, I’ve had my entire friends list(those that still play) looking for me as well, I’ve posted in the trade section here and elsewhere several times and, embarrassingly, I’ve even been checking eBay for the past few weeks…

However, is purchasing items via a third-party really the direction that Gearbox wants players to go? It’s hard enough finding particular annointments on specific weapons…it feels like every item in BL3 is as difficult and ultra rare to find as Pearls are in BL2.

My point is, I will likely never find this particular com. I want it to complete a particular Iron Bear build I’ve envisioned playing since before release.

Knowing it’s likely not obtainable via current drop rates(or any method for that matter)! has made me have less desire to even play the game. And I’m not a “lazy” gamer. I played BL2 for many years and know the pain of farming a Torgue grip & site Casual Carnade. I’ve farmed for a Rustlers Twister with Jakobs grip and I dashboarded a Rustler Orphan Maket with matching grip and Hyperion stock.

My point being is that I don’t mind a farm as long as I know what I’m trying for is actually obtainable within my lifetime lol.

With so many annointments and various text on class mod I REALLY need some alternative to making endgame itemization more bearable.

I’ve seen it said but I’ll say it again:

Earl “could” add/change annointments. Tannis/Ava can alter class mods and perhaps Marcus could change a single weapon part.

Make this a substantial eridium cost so that currency feels useful again.


Only it’s piss with Terror anointment I’ve seen is apply terror.

I might have other grenades with that anointment you can have.

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Hate to even bring it up but…did you check Ebay?

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Gearbox does NOT support the exchange of currency for in-game items, and such requests are strictly forbidden on the forums.

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