Help listing all steps to stop stuttering

  1. Change Texture Streaming Setting to Ultra
  2. Change TextureStreamingPoolSizeMBOverride to 1 from -1
  3. Control Flow Guard fix in Exploit Protection
  4. Change Performance Mode to True
  5. Turn off Echocast
  6. Turn off Friend Sync
  7. Turn off Social Notifications
  8. Use -notexturestreaming command

I bought the ultimate edition and can’t get a refund. I can play the game on medium settings or lowest settings, but the stuttering is insane. It is nuts. This is not a problem with frame rate at all. I am desperate and been trying since I bought the game to fix this.


Oh this should work. Uninstall then reinstall. Had the same problem once.

Did that really work?
The game is 120gb for me and that is a long download to reinstall

For me it did So im just assuming on this but it sure work for you as well. I tried everything and got fed up and decided if uninstall and reinstall doesn’t work then nothing will.
Im aware its 120 gb lol. It shouldn’t be that long if you have a decent network connect (wired ) for best results and use a 7200 rpm hdd or faster.

I completely forgot before trying that try this first. On my previous computer I had a 990fx r2.0 that had this problem while playing bl3. One thing that working on that was changing the directx 12 to directx 11. So older mobo have a tuff time running direct x12. Let me know if you fix the issue.

Texture streaming is just broken in this game and has never been properly fixed.
The most important steps, that can somewhat alleviate the stuttering, are 2 and 8, but they should not be both used on the same system:
For high-end PC with at least 8GB VRAM is suitable 8 (use -notexturestreaming launch command).
For worse systems is better to use 2 (change TextureStreamingPoolSizeMBOverride to 1 from -1 in gameusersettings.ini) and also lower graphics settings in the menu. In this case is then unfortunately noticeable texture pop-in in the game.
In both cases DX12 should be enabled instead of DX11 for the best in-game performance, but loading times are much longer.

I havent seen this much stuttering since i myself use to stutter as a kid.

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Here is another interesting tip,

but I cannot test it as I do not know how to enable console in the latest version of the game. If somebody tested it, please share info how it worked.

What are you running it on? nvme ssd? RAM amount? CPU type? GFX card?

Also what softwares do you have installed on your OS?

I have i5-6600, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM, SATA SSD. It is between recommended and minimum specs, so it should run the game without stuttering on low settings. I have Windows 10 with no resource hog software in the background and other similarly demanding games run just fine.
I tried many things to solve this issue and now I think that the game is just poorly optimised. I considered graphics card upgrade but read countless reports on the net that people with better cards have problems too.
This thread for example has almost 1000 posts:

and there are many more threads about stuttering issue on this forum, Reddit, Steam etc.
I noticed that I have some lags even with 60FPS and I can get higher FPS with lowering graphics settings, but stuttering still remains.
Only TextureStreamingPoolSizeMBOverride to 1 from -1 alleviates stuttering on my system, but there is ugly texture pop-in with this option.
BTW, I have the game also on PS4 with no stuttering, but noticeable input lag, which is bad for FPS game too.

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