Help? Looking for new music to listen to, but don't quite know genres

Kinda popped up when asked awhile by a friend what I listen to; honestly couldn’t quite answer him, and I ended up having to drop some titles to paint a picture. Years later, the problem hasn’t exactly gone away, and I’d like some help identifying what I listen to:

I do know two things, tho:

  • Seems like I listen to a lot of piano and guitar more than anything, but general strings and keyboards.
  • I definitely dislike death metal for the vocals. A friend tried to convince me that it doesn’t quite matter, but different POVs – vocals kinda make-or-break it for me.

For any/all help, thanks in advance.

I’m probably not very qualified to give you advice considering I only listen to Metal, underground Rap and Country. That said, it seems you like a little bit of everything with a preference towards Alternative Rock and Electronic stuff. I’m assuming you like Starset?

Also, I noticed you posted some Nightwish and Disturbed in the other thread. Maybe try Lacuna Coil and some Fear Factory?

@Stoker: Yeah, I kinda like that. I used to pick up stuff off the radio…until I lost it. I then started picking up stuff from AMVs, usually found on YouTube. One was this one:

Before watching AMVs, I’d never heard of Two Steps from Hell. Or even a lot of the folks I listen to now, like Nightwish, introduced to me by a friend back in '05.

Now I pick up stuff via a mix of YouTube and anime. Or TV.

I don’t even know what an AMV is so hopefully someone else can give you some suggestions lol. You shouldn’t feel like you have to categorize or define what you listen to, though. I’m guilty of this as well. I’d just tell 'em you listen to a bit of everything.

@Stoker: LOL, I sometimes forget that some things aren’t as commonly known as one might think. AMV stands for Anime Music Video:

On “a little bit of everything”, IDK, tho. I kinda feel it helps if I’m looking for something particular, or if/when folks ask.