Help! Lost Gaige!

I have a high-level Axton on my PS3. When I was playing as Axton I used Upload Cross Save a lot. Well, I haven’t played as Axton since 2014.
I have been playing as Gaige and she’s a pretty high level.
But tonight I decided to load Axton and see what gear he had. But then I could no longer load Gaige!
If I go to the screen where I can upload and save Axton I can still SEE my Gaige charachter but I can’t LOAD her!
Did I just goof? Is Gaige lost forever? I tried everything to get her back but when I go to the load screen all I get is the latest Axton save.
Do I have to restart with Gaige now? Thhis would be terrible as I have put a LOT of time into playing Gaige.