Help lvl 69 but enemies are 51

I just recently reached level 69 and went to do the general knoxx dlc but all the weapons, enemies, and missions are level 51 is this a known bug? Every other area the enemies are 69 anyone know a fix?

Finish the Knoxx dlc. Kill knoxx and complete the armory. Things will scale then.


Listen to @Tokesy97 , he helped me earlier. I finished everything. Finished the dlc campaign then go to Marcus and start doing his quests. “Mop Up” active quest triggers the level 69 scaling. Keep doing quest from him and you will get 2nd chance at armory.

Will that work on an imported save? I sent my old lvl 61 Lilith to check on that and things were still lvl 50.

Should do, yes. The underlying game hasn’t been changed that much.


Thanks just finished the story and it worked

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Off topic: Holy crap man it’s been awhile. I haven’t been on the for a long time. I remember you back in the day. Can’t forget that tag. Hope all is well.

There’s folks who’ve been around even longer than me coming out of the woodwork lately. Can’t think why!

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Thanks for that. One thing I hadn’t done before is a 2.5 run, but now that the Remaster is here that’s gonna change!

Oh jeez…now I’m quoting Pickle. Shoot me.


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