Help making Sajuuk able to build

I am hoping someone can help me out. I decided to get into modding with Homeworld Remastered, because of all of the awesome Homeworld mods I’ve played over the years.

I found, and followed this tutorial:

And got everything working correctly without too much trouble. Then I thought I ought to challenge myself with something new, and decided that Sajuuk should really be the mothership. Everything went well, I had it all set to go (I thought), so I fired up a skirmish, which loaded fine. Then I tried to build something, and… crash to desktop. I had not run into this type of crash before, so I was taken aback.

Can anyone help me with figuring out how to diagnose this kind of crash? Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this kind of crash when trying to add building capabilities to a ship which cannot normally build?

I found some error logs which indicate Read from location 00000010 caused an access violation.

The main issue (which will be VERY hard to fix) is that Sajuuk isn’t meant to launch things - and so doesn’t have any of the Dock paths, etc. That’s a much larger task than just scripting (which, honestly, kudos to you for jumping in and giving a shot) - it’ll require a new model, new paths, probably some major edits to create areas for ships to exit from, etc. Though at one point the ideal of a ‘hyperspace only’ dock logic for certain ships would be fun - it’s probably not workable without core engine edits.

Thanks BitVenom!

I’m not looking for pretty right now, just functional. So I guessed it might have to do with Dockpaths, and fired up CFHodEd and added one. I still get the crash.

I referred to Bentus (the ship I successfully made build in the linked to tutorial), but I can’t be sure I added the dockpath correctly. I also loaded up the HGN mothership for reference, but that was a bit overwhelming. Can anyone recommend a resource for learning about this specific topic?

Incidentally, with the Bentus ship, all the ships I was able to build did hyperspace in, so I don’t know if it was even using a dockpath, though it did have two.

FYI - Even on files that CfHodEd ‘runs’ on - it can’t save the right format out - various things will be busted in-game (bounds, collisions, scars, surfacing configs, etc). It will run, it will have problems. CfHodEd doesn’t know the the format is wrong, so won’t give any errors.

Thanks for letting me know. Can you (or anyone) suggest an alternative for editing HODs?

Just to add a bit of info: I tested out making other ships build-capable. Any ship that already had dockpaths I could get working, but any ship which didn’t also caused a crash. So my assumption from here is either that CFHodEd did not work, as BitVenom says, or I am not adding dockpaths right.