Help Me Become a Heal Reyna

So I’ve gotten her to rank 9 I believe and that is mostly from solo and trying to figure her out. I’ve gotten her Legendary and tried it in 1 PVE match but I wasn’t that good but I was “damage” Reyna so to speak with my gear

I want to Master her and the route I want to take is to play matches in a bit more laid back fashion and just support my team with heals and doing Priority Target when necessary. But for that I need some advice on what Helixes and gear you guys use. To emphasize: I want to be a SUPPORT/HEAL Reyna

I’m thinking of using for my gear:
2)SONG OF VIGOR (grants 4 tick health regen to allies near me)

What do you guys think about the gear? Some people swear by cooldown reduction but what is 7% going to do besides lower my Ultimate? (Plus how do you guys use her ultimate? I feel it is lackluster)

Now for my helix choices I’m pretty much completely lost. Unsure if I should power my Priority Target. Power my gun to help my team. Or power my plasma gun. All choices seem great but specifically since I need to use my plasma gun to heal my allies I’m thinking going that route. But what Plasma upgrades are must haves and power up my heals?

Thanks in advance

Reyna is my second Favorite Character in game. Love running Reyna when I have a good team. Kinda sucks running Reyna on a pug team that doesn’t know what they are doing but this is my Reyna Build.

  1. Reyna Legendary
  2. Solar Sustainer-14% heal power, 5.80% Attack Damage, “when healing an ally you grant 5.80% Attack damage to yourself and the teammate you healed for 10 seconds”
  3. Dicey Hurricane 9.80 attack speed, -198 health (zero cost),1,1,-1,-1,-1,1,1,-1,1,

Since this post became quite a Wall of Text, a bit of general advice up front: With Reyna, timing is the key. You are not a healer, you are a rescuer. Activating a shield boost prematurely is just always as bad as activating it too late. And although her Legendary makes her a ‘healer’ by definition, I always found it more to be an improvement to her role as rescuer. A CharLvl1 Reyna can ‘save’ a Montana just as well as a full-blown Master of Reyna; the real difference is that Master Reyna (with her Legendary) tops off his missing health during/after the fight.

Also, her ‘heals’ with the Plasma Beam are small, repeating heals that can only affect the target of your Shield Boost. So you need to carefully plan, when to shield someone just to get him to full health and when to save your Shield Boost to actually ‘rescue’ someone.

For the Helix choices, this is how I usually skill her.

While Reyna offers a lot of different playstyles depending on helix choices, playing full support with her legendary requires Thermal Equilibrium for efficient use of her Plasma Pulse. For example, this means you can’t go into Slazer Thermokinetics (which is kind of a whole different build itself).

I consider the Plasma Burst at Lvl 3 mandatory for assisting with wave clear (not all that mandatory on Capture, I guess), but I’ve seen people use Optical Amplifier instead.

You could also use Therapeutic Booster at Lvl 6, if you’re facing a CC-heavy enemy team. Usually, Vigilance gives you more consistent improvement on your Shield Boost.

With the Helix I posted, you could still change Level 2 to Priority Plasma, if you’d like to have the homing effect. I usually just go with Lockdown for an additional slow.

As for gear, atm I use:

  • Shard Collector (white)
  • Heal Power / Attack damage ( Epic Jennerit Tissue Synthesizer)
  • Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece

/Edit: Ninja’d by @RedX. Solar Sustainer is very nice, got one just two days ago. I was thinking of building a loadout around it, and I bet Reyna could put it to good use.

I played around with gear a lot, while leveling her up. Reyna already offers good reload speed, but requires sniper-like aiming to use her weapons well. So I always integrate either Attack damage or CritDmg (only applicable to PvE, due to the difference in CritDmg multiplier. It’s 300% in PvE and only 150% in PvP IIRC ) into her gear loadouts.

Heal power is another stat I’m also going for, however it only affects the healing from Vital Protocol (self-heal via Failsafe included) and healing with her Plasma Pulse using her legendary. And it’s been my impression that you don’t need as much pure Heal power on Reyna, compared to ‘full’ healers like Miko.

As for cooldown reduction, you need to understand how exactly your shield boost works with the Helix Augmentations.
At base (Lvl1) it’s a 6 sec Shield with 14 sec cooldown. All upgrades that follow just add more utility (healing at Lvl3, greater Overshield at Lvl6).
Until you reach Lvl9. Long Watch gives you an amazing +6sec duration. Now you’ve got a 12sec Shield (assuming it isn’t broken by damage) with a 14 sec cooldown.
If you were specced into Improvised Tactics (Lvl5), you would have a Shield Boost with a 12 sec duration and a 12 sec cooldown. So as long as the Overshield doesn’t break, you could theoretically have 100% uptime.
But as mentioned above, efficient healing with her Legendary requires Thermal Equilibrium (Lvl5). So, to make good use of cooldown reduction, you’d have to stack at least 15% (7% is major CD stat, so you’d probably build an entire gear loadout around CD reduction just to make this work).

Concerning her ultimate, I see why people would call it ‘lackluster’ compared to Dreadwind, or any other offensive Ultimate. To realize the full potential of Photonic Ward, you ned to take into account all of its properties:

  • Pushback: When the bubble is created, it actually pushes back all enemies with its boundaries.
  • Ranged protection: It’s not so hard to imagine countless situations where the first half of this effect (Enemy fire cannot enter the Shield) is useful. Thinking outside the box allows to make use the second half (Enemy fire cannot exit the Shield); you could use this on a turret or a sentry as part of a hit and run attack. Jump in, mark the target, bubble and jump out. That gives your ranged DDs a six second window of opportunity to do massive damage with almost no retaliation. That would be even simpler once you hit Lvl10.
  • Utility: While most builds run Mobility Module for the +4sec duration and the ability to advance within the bubble (really nice offensive use), there is no shame in experimenting with her Lvl10 Helix Options. Just let your team know in advance. :wink:

Great build with Reyna. I love solar sustainer because it gives Reyna that extra punch she desperately needs to fend off enemies by her self when caught of guard and also gives the teammate you are with extra damage power.

I find doing rank 5 15% Cooldown Reduction extremely important too so you can give more shields and I found that I gave enough health with plasma shot before it over heated. For rank 6 I go vigilance or therapeutic, depends on the other team’s characters. Really nice advice though

I guess this comes down to personal preference.
I tend to be on the losing side of matches most times, so I love Thermal Equilibrium for being able to switch between healing allies, assisting on player kills and stopping the enemy wave. Just Shield and go full on Plasma rambo. Elegant in its simplicity, it helps to bring more damage in case your team isn’t that good.

Going for Improvised Tactics instead solves a whole lot of other problems and in total gives more to her entire kit. But it’s a Helix I only pick, when I feel confident with my team.

But all in all, this is one of the greatest things about Reyna. She’s definitely one of the more versatile characters, that can be skilled to suit the specific needs of each team. ( IDIC :vulcan:)

To start right away, forget her epic gear item, its pretty neat yes, but since theres nearly no time in a (balanced) pvp match and your mates are constantly jumping around you will spend more time in trying to hit one of them then doing anything else. I’m a passionate reyna player, over 200 hours of playtime just with her, i can tell you, you can spend this time way more efficient. Reyna is too powerful to let her rot in the backrow, try to be in the middle if your group, snipers behind you, melees in front, shield allys as soon as they lose their shield, prio their target and blast your plasma into them, of course you could charge up his shield, but this would stretch this encounter unessecary, you’re not only a rescuer, also you’re THE assistant, look at my helix (,-1,0,-1,-1,-1,1,1,-1,0, ) shield your ally, blast prio on his target and nuke them together, this is way faster and more efficient than charging up his/her shields and wait until he/she brings the enemy down.
When you get to choose between the overshield heal or the damage boost, make this decision depending on your team, if you’re the only heal/support take the 290pts heal, if theres another healer take the damage boost, anyhow, its possible to take the damage boost but heal anyway, i testet it, if you take an +Heal Power item into your gear you’ll heal with every overshield regardless which helix option you choose, so, if you have (like my Healpower item which has about +18% when i take shield damage) an item with much healpower take it, choose the +16% damage and heal anyway.

I choose gearitems by the rest if my group, as a solo healer i take an -cooldown stopwatch, an healpower booster and my Vow of Vengeance gauntlet, which boosts attackpwr and speed, if there are other healers i take -cooldown + attack power + attack speed! And you’re gonna be either the king of assists or the killer himself, lets say you take the + overshield damage booster and at lvl 8 the R2 option where you double the prio damage bonus, +10% from VoV Gauntlet, +32% from prio, + 16% from overshield damage boost, plus, if you take the mutation your laser gun deals more damage with the heatlevel of your pulse cannon, up to +50%, so, if you encounter an enemy player, shield any teammate to get the boost, shoot prio on him, blast your (Homing!!!) pulse cannon into him until it overheats and give them the rest with your lasergun, most of your enemys will flee before you have to reload the lasergun…

Well… i could write even more but this would take a bit more time, if you have questions ask right away, i may be a noob with other heroes, but reyna is my hero and i’m known for beeing overpowered with her (i have a Thorn mate, usually we’re playing together, yesterday we played incursion on overgrowth, i had 17:1, most kills, most assists (22) and 20k more healed than the enemy miko, my mate had 13:1 with Thorn, with 5 enemy players (miko, oscar mike, marquis, alani and galilea)…
I know my beloved reyna <3

Instead of using VoV, you should try solar sustainer. It gives you 11.60% increased damage w/ giving the person you shield 5.80% increased damage for 10 seconds upon every heal. So this way you and your mate benefit from the increased damage. Also gives you 14% heal power.

Reason why Reyna legendary is so good, is because it gives you heal power and Cool down Reduction, also each plasma blast heals. It’s actually not very hard to hit with it if you played Reyna for a long time. Those are clutch heals

Nice build though

Thanks, i’m using VoV because i couldn’t get my hands on it, any tip how to get it asap?
Yeah i tried her legendary and the effects of, its nice, but like i said, its more timesaving for all if the attacking enemy flees or dies, instead of keeping your mate alive until he kills him, 2 damage dealers will take them down faster than 1 who is constantly shielded, and, if you happen to have an enemy reyna, she’ll deplete his shield way faster than you can charge it, thats why i chose the damage option, and it works really well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got it from the class pack Jenerit. Pretty random… I was lucky :X

Bit of threadcromancy but I’ve been running around using:

  • Bunker Buster (Shield Pen, Reload, Does additional damage to shields equal to your shield pen)
  • Henchman’s Capacitor (Buildable cost, Shield Pen, Extra 20% shields to your lvl 3 stuff)
  • Shard Gen with -Skill damage (0 cost)

Both Legs drop from the Henchm4n in Algorithm IIRC

Sometimes I wonder if I’m overkilling it, especially considering Plasma Pulse already deals extra damage to shields, but on other occasions I tag a Shayne and she has to run so fast… I also like of this how you’re delaying your team utility by carrying 2 legendaries but you make up a bit of it because of one them is a wrench

There’s much better supports then Reyna.
Hell even the “recuer” niche thing is a total meme at this point.

You might as well stick with her being a good dual partner and eve then that’s not really unique thing and she still has a lot of flaws.

0 cost shard ( I usually do -reload, least of the evils )
Bola Target Finder ( this is amazing for priority target )
Solar Sustainer ( great piece for any support healer )

Time the shard spawns and get bola ASAP

Skill damage only affects the initial impact of priority target. It’s literally the only skill damage she has and makes skill damage gear bad and -skill shard generators the superior pick imo

I’m assuming you’re talking about Bolas.
It’s not the skill damage that is important, it adds 5%+ damage for 10 seconds when damaging enemy with skill ( aka PT )

Stack that with Priority Targets 16%, and thats 21+% for 6 seconds, then 5% for an additional 4.
That’s without the Helix changes

That’s huge damage that early in a match

So potentially depending on the Helix choice, you can do 21% for a full 10 seconds ( +4 sec helix ) or 37% ( +16% PT ) for 6 with 5% for an additional 4

this thread might help, I did a pretty long writeup about a healer/support reyna!