Help me choose a FFYL rocket launcher (7 choices in thread)

I’ve been grinding Vibra Probes, Kiss of Deaths, and then one more random Blue weapon for a good FFYL Rocket Launcher (not going to use it much other than a FFYL panic button). My main aim was a four or five shot Purple Torgue launcher. Haven’t found that yet, though. I have found the following.

First, my build:,auto

Then, the choices:

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Any opinions on which is the best, or should I keep grinding for what I was specifically looking for? Again, this is mainly a FFYL panic button. Note that my specific build currently has 7 points in Gathering Tempest, which grants a 56% mag size increase, so even numbered mag sizes get the biggest boost (4 goes to 6, 6 goes to 9, while 3 only goes to 4 and 5 only goes to 7).

Just farm Flameknuckle for a Nukem (drop regularly in the Holodome). If you don’t like them, try for a Badaboom in the grinder.

On the one hand you have conduit so the Tediore Rocket might work better with your build when outside of FFYL but the Vladof one might be better since it uses less than 1 ammo per shot so you can spam it a bit more before needing to reload.
My 2 cents

My main problem with the Nukem is that it’s almost always a one shot, maybe two (I guess with this character I could get up to 3 possibly). Granted, large damage radius, but if you miss, you die. (Also an issue if you go back into FFYL soon after coming back up.) I have some Nukems at Level 50, but I haven’t done the Holodome at 60 yet.

As for the Badaboom (and the Scav launcher amoungst my choices), my experience in BL2 has been that sometimes I go up with one rocket and then another one puts me down again.

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Yeah, the Vladof is probably a decent choice, in that I can probably get 12-14 shots off before needing to reload (albeit at reduced damage per shot). I decided to keep the Volt Thrower for that reason-it’s shock, but all rocket launchers are elemental, so all I’m giving up for using others is additional stacks (all of them get bonuses from Malestorm).

I second the Nukem. If you can get 3 shots out of it, you’ll most likely kill something with at least the splash damage – you won’t need a direct hit.

And it’s easier to get enemies behind cover because of the arc. It’s saved my ass a ton with just this aspect alone, but whatever works best for you! Good luck!

I tend to use green to purple tier Scav launchers because of their x3 rocket count.

That Vladof looks smexxy…

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Nukem because of obstacles (and therefore shooting over them)

  • Always Torgue Grip.
  • Always Torgue Exhaust.
  • Always Vladof or Tediore sight.
  • If 25% mag size or more, or Fistful of Bullets in spec, derp or fwap a.
  • Else Deep a.
  • Shield Bypass Luneshine.

I actually get 4 shots out of mine, because I have 10/5 Gathering Tempest. :smile:

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Well, my next task will be to play the Holodome at Level 60, so I’ll probably pick up a Nukem during it. Thanks for the suggestions!

@Geotpf Out of your current options, the Crap Storm.

That’s a nice Crap Storm - that example is accurate, has a decent mag size and reloads pretty quick for a Scav launcher.

But I will say that if you like that - you’ll LOVE a Badaboom!

The “Quick Swap” accessory is really nice on a launcher also, if you see one.

Badaboom is my favorite Launcher generally.

But I think it’s better-suited to be a combat Launcher than a FFYL tool. It’s a high-powered Shotgun, after all.

Jack and Athena have what they need to make that happen: Ammo Consumption Negation.

You think Badaboom is nice? Just wait till you’ve seen it in Shock at 700+ Stacks firing free rockets at 7.5~10 Fire Rate. @BookEmDano, counting on you for this. :stuck_out_tongue: (Hint, you’ll probably need 1.3 FR with your current Class Mod)

Ha. Are we approaching Sal’s levels with Topneaas? I did just pick up a Shock Berrigan. Let me see what I can do.

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Oh lawdy.

Get your Spanish Speed Metal ready, it’s time to go SrebX all over this.

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Well Berrigan sucked because it was semi-auto.

A shock Mongol at 700+ stacks is probably hilarious…rocket rain!!

What would a Cryophobia spam look like with this setup ?

And yes: we are now officially in Salvador territory. :sunglasses:

I don’t think Jack could do what Athena is doing though: AA has a different % for launcher ammo… best you could do is 44% free…

Not a rocket launcher but Party Line at max stacks is a better show :slight_smile:

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