Help me chose a character

So I am about to buy tps and need to pick a first character I have narrowed it down to 4.
Clap trap
Please note that I do not need a beginner or easy mode class also I’m not looking to use a certaint kind of gear.
I will also have access to all the dlc

So do you prefer to play Axton (but wish you could direct turret fire), gun Zer0, explosive Axton/Krieg, or are looking for something totally different? That would be Wilhelm, Nisha, Claptrap, and Jack, respectively. Not a perfect comparison, but generally should give you some idea.

I didn’t really want to base it off my 1500+ hours in bl2. I was leaning a bit towards clap trap.

If you gave a bit more detail I could chip in.

Well I did kind of want to use jack with sponsored by so I could use Jacobs guns and add elements to them. Also is there a good way the play Wilhelm without wolf and saint.

Not to my knowledge. You are basically worthless w/out them.

Ok than count him out

Claptrap is a good choice, as is Jack (really Timothy, his doppelgänger.) Although I mentioned “explosive”, there’s so much unique about Claptrap that he’s not just a retread of BL2 characters.

Actually, that’s true of all six, really: the designers did an outstanding job of creating truly unique characters.

It would be really, really hard. Not sure I’d want to try that. I enjoy being able to direct fire, though - it’s the big plus on Wilhelm for me.

Count Wilhelm out since I can’t play him without wolf and saint I’m thinking jack would be fun since I can add elements to Jacobs guns. I might do 2 play thoughts side by side one with jack one with clap trap

I always do multiple characters, so I have somewhere to stash the good stuff I’ve out-levelled!

I am right in saying with jack I can add elements to Jacobs guns with sponsored by

Sounds good to me.

When you play Claptrap I highly recommend putting 1 point in ‘Safety First’ before anything else as it is an amazing survival that is broken in a way that makes it even better.

Yes all of the elements can be added to other guns and splash damage that can’t crit.

Sounds like a plan to me. Using Jacobs stuff on jack. And the. Running an explosive clap trap. I’ll take a look at the skill trees.

Do you need the link?

Yeah I only know for tps is it

Its not this is the link. At least it didn’t work when I tried it.

Thanks. Also wow that interface looks so much nicer than the bl2 one.

Your welcome. And I know right, they even added an option for you to equip all purple and legendary coms pre-Holodome. Although Aurelia’s is incomplete and some of the skills are wrong, the other 5 are fine.

I looked at jacks skill trees and came up with this build which should work good with Jacobs guns and let the digi jacks help a lot to.