Help me clear my bank (LF/FT)[Amara/Moze/Zane class mods + anointed gear]

** LF**
• Elemental Projector Static Charge
• Knife Drain White Elephant
· any sweet Phasegrasp / 100-125% ASE gear


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have a deep dive face puncher, you have a crossroads or dastardly maggie?

I don’t; sorry bruv

i have face puncher, brawler war and corrosive cutsman .

just give me the executor, shockerator coms of zane and stalker com of fl4k in return.

psn: nat_zero_six, i will be on in 8 hours time and mail it to you.

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Could I see a screenshot of the snowdrift launch pad if it’s not to much trouble.

Aw man if that was it launched the rockets on the slide as well I could’ve had so much fun with that lol.

Sent face puncher, ward and cutsman

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I agree dude, I barely ever slam in this game even on low gravity. It was a lot more useful in TPS

Now, if there was a low gravity Mayhem modifier…

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I’ve got a psycho stabber if you still have that searing Nemesis

Psn: Hallowedmoon

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Spent three hours farming the Force Troopers and still didn’t find a damn Breaker Class Mod! Updated OP with tonight’s finds + pictures of the Artifacts and heads I’ve got, along with an updated wishlist.


  • Fire Stone Commander Planetoid Artifact
  • Any anointed SMG or shotgun that has phaseslam damage or does damage against bosses, anointed enemies and etc thats for Amara. Preferably both, please!!
  • Rope - O - Dope Breaker Legendary Siren Mod


  • cutsman maliwan smg that’s either electric/cryo/or radiation and a devils foursum that’s either fire/cryo/radiation (anointed damage for Fl4k or just in general)
  • hellwalker jakobs shotgun
  • Feral Prideful Red Fanf Legendary Fl4k mod

PSN: epanouia

Wait, is this what you’re looking for? Lol make your own post!

I have to wait 16 hrs before I can do so and I figured if someone is giving away stuff, then I post the stuff that I need for characters.

sorry about that haha

Oh word. Well, my Destructo Spinner is anointed to do increased damage after PS if you’re interested. I think I also have a Hellwalker but I won’t be able to double check until later. Can I get a list of what you’re offering, please?

I used to have a Devil’s Foursum until my bank took an arrow to the knee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bump :blush: I’m going to be online in about a half hour if anyone is trying to set up trades. This list also needs some updating as I’ve done a few more Force Trooper runs. (I swear, these guys drop every class mod except the Breaker. I got another Phasezerker COM and a million other FL4K and Zane COMS)

Do you still have the Phasezerker COM for Amara?

Would take a good Zane class mod as well. Going to start a second run through with him and not sure what the best class mod is. I have an extra corrosive Lucian’s call if you are still looking for that.

So last night I realized the Phasezerker was low level with not great rolls so I sold it. Still got plenty of Zane mods if you want to add me and trade tonight. I don’t play him so I’m not sure which is best, but judging by the perks there’s the Infiltrator for general use / speed, the Shockerator for clone builds, the Techspert for SNTNL builds, and the Executor for general use / cryo. I have at least one of each.

I should be on shortly. If not. I can do it tomorrow evening

Friend request sent. If tonight isn’t good, I will be on tomorrow