Help me clear my bank (LF/FT)[Amara/Moze/Zane class mods + anointed gear]

Found a Dastardly Maggie but I don’t need the FacePuncher anymore. Got any Rowan or Queen Calls?

Also. Edited OP with new finds.

Have a Rowans call, you have an incendiary faisor?

Nope. Not yet lol


Updated OP with latest finds. Please Let me know if I have something you’re interested in.

I am very interested in that Gunner Ogre. I have a cryo crossroad if you still need it.

Sure! Add me.

Got any SNTL or Phasegrasp anointed gear?

If you still need a Rad Recurring Hex and Snowdrift Victory Rush, I’d love to see screens of those mods (looking for decent rolls of both).

Updated OP with photos

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Unfortunately two of those are basically what I have now. Thanks for the pics though

Got a bounty hunter mod for you,got it last night in proving grounds. I prefer my dead eye as +35% damage to ANY enemy above 75% health. It’s a monster. PSN APE-160 if you fr please tell me that you want the mod,as I don’t accept randoms,unless I have just played with them.

Just got home from work if anyone would like to check out the updated list of up-for-grabs items:

I’m currently on the hunt for Phasegrasp anointed weaponry.

I would take the Amara Spectral phasezerker class mod and Zane’s unsporting executioner class mod if you still have them!

If anyone comes across a legendary deadeye

mod specifically for shotgun/gun damage and

crit damage or elemental damage. I’m

desperately farming for one with no RNG

luck. But I’m gonna stay at of course. But if

one of you nice peeps should find one. I got

a 30 legendary lootsplosion for ya!

Thanks for your help in advance.