Help me Complete my Moxxi Shrine

Okay so far on my walls I have
Smg: Miss Moxxi’s Vibra-Pulse
Relic: Rear Ender Moxxi’s Endowment
Shield: Overflowing Moxxi’s Embrace
Grenade: Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
Heavy: Shredded Creamer
AR: Disciplined Hail
Shotgun: Hostile Influential Heart Breaker

And then
Sniper: Wedding Invitation
Pistol: Dueling Bowie Love Drill

Why doesn’t Moxxi have a themed sniper or pistol yet?

As big of a part of the series as she has been you think she would have them in BL3 considering she had her own themed DLC

In Borderlands 2 she did. The Chére-Amie as a sniper (though it really wasn’t all that great, lacking the splash damage that regular maliwan snipers had and also healing through transfusion trails instead of just having direct lifesteal) and the Ruby as a Pistol (also not that great, was mostly just used as a lifesteal weapon for melee builds) as well as the Grog Nozzle (which sadly only was a quest weapon).

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Yeah but I cannot port those over

Oh wow, I don’t think I realized there was enough themed gear to be this close to a full set.

You can cheat in the meantime and put a Moxxi skin on your favorite pistol. :man_shrugging:

Id say ruby will be returning.

Dunno about a sniper