Help me craft a split build with rakk attack AND fade away please

I want to make a build that meshes rakk attack and fade away together. The goal is to switch to fade away for bossing and switch to rakk attack for mobbing without having to change any skill points. Obviously this won’t be some OP 1 hit setup but something that can kill bosses even 1/5 as fast as the fade away setup would be fine. I love spamming rakk attack and have collected an entire set of gear based off the 125% damage after skill ends annointment and have a luciens that adds a Rakk charge as well. Since I’m about to get transformer with 20% cooldown I am hoping to never stop spamming rakks followed by bursts of high damage from guns. I just need help getting some workable skill setups. For instance does having the bottom keystones of the red tree work better overall than the green tree would etc. I’m not good at theory crafting so I have been respecting and trying a number of things but was hoping for some help.

I can give you two build ideas, that work for fade away & rakk attack.
Atleast I’ve been using those 2 in mayhem 3.


  • my favourite actually, offers good rakk cooldown with Head Count, fast firerate weapons or high pellet shotguns

Power Inside

  • keep Power Inside up all day, low cooldown with Eager to Impress (to compensate Head Count, Megavore synergy loss)
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You can run them pretty interchangeably with a crit build, you can proc the power inside a ton with rakk attack, but you miss out on unblinking eye. if you are using a good annointed gun rakk attack is prob gonna boost your damage output a lot more.

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Why would you miss out on Unblinking Eye? It’s in the same tree as Power Inside…

I love your Power Inside build, but with annointed gear giving several extra Rakk charges I think the Eager to Impress cooldown increase isn’t really needed so I opt for Overclocked for the extra fire rate. With the annointed Gatling Gun and Super Shredifier I have, that skill is dope.

to equip unblinking eye you have to equip fade away.

This should do the trick: