Help me decide who I play next [resolved]

So I’ve got a 60 Jack and a 50 Claptrap and wanted to start a new character but I absolutely can’t decide who to pick. I know what to expect from the remaining 3 characters gameplay wise and I think everyone could be realy fun so please just tell me which char to play. You can base it on whatever you like: who was your favorite char; who deserves more players; you want to pick a not so fun one to see me suffer. Just tell me!

Edit: Wilhelm won!

A couple suggestions based on what I’ve played to 60 so far:

If you want to try a melee-focused character, I’d suggest Athena - similarities to both Zer0 and Krieg in BL2, but definitely a different experience.

If you want to do a Gunzerker-like character, then I’d suggest a Jakobs-focused Nisha. One-shotting everything except Ultimate Badasses can be a lot of fun :wink:

Thanks for the answer! But I don’t realy care bout the playstyle. Melee can be fun, tons of damage can be fun and a pet class that I can actually control is also fun. I take your comment as one vote for Athena and one for Nisha^^

Wilhelm because no. Nisha is too easy and overdone and Athena’s melee is only fun (or viable if you don’t want to rely on aspis 100% of the time because you need to slowly cover half a battlefield of distance to actually strike) from 25 onwards. Sadly you already have a Claptrap, otherwise I’d have chosen him because I personally don’t like him and would like you to experience a little bit of the torture yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wilhelm, not enough people play him

He deserves better

They’re all good, but I really appreciate that I can tell Wolf who to target. It’s nice to finally have a pet you have some degree of control over!

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This is what I did, I played them all up to around level 10-12 doing all the side quests and getting to concordia. By doing so I got a feel for the action skills a bit and used which ones action skill I enjoyed most to keep playing.

I already have them all at concordia waiting for their time to play^^ I realy enjoy them all differently. The characters in ths game are all cool. They did a great job creating them!

By my count Wilhelm 3 and Nisha and Athena tied for 1.

Thanks for all the answers so far!

Here’s another one for Wilhelm, but that’s because sometimes I like having pets do my killing for me while I scrounge around. :wink:

So Wilhelm it is. Dusted him off and went straight to Redbelly who dropped this:

This is a good sign!