Help me figure out whats wrong with zane's barrier

So I’ve done a few respecs with my zane and for some reason I am now having all sorts of problems farming Traunt for Kaosons. I’ve gone back to one that I liked and I am still having the same problems.

I am CCC and I use a Monarch to take him down. For some reason my barrier’s duration doesn’t get reset, so basically I have about 18 seconds of barrier. Also, my damage is crap now. I don’t know if something happened, but it’s really weird.

CCC only triggers action skill reset if:

  1. You have full health and shields. Traunt has a lot of hazards he can spawn on the floor that will damage you through the barrier.
  2. You freeze an enemy. I know that some bosses can proc this via crits and Brain Freeze even if they don’t technically freeze, but I don’t know if Traunt is one of them.

Depends on your build. Post a link or screenshot.

@morss4 has it right. I use Seein’ Dead because of the many hazards but I know it’s not for everyone.