Help me git gud with Mellka

So she my lowest ranked BB by far. I’m rank 8 with her. This is my usual helix build:

  1. R
  2. L
  3. R
  4. L
  5. L
  6. L
  7. L
  8. L
  9. L
  10. R

Am I doing it wrong? I’ve read she got nerfed pretty hard recently, but I don’t have experience with her prior to that to know the difference. Gear wise I’ve been running similar to Thorn, with some attack damage and regen.

What’s the correct combo to fly through the air like I see others do? Spike and then lunge? Should i initiate with lunge and escape with spike? Any help would be appreciated.

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Generally speaking, build max health and health regen, then attack damage. The first two take precedence.

Take Air Stall at 3 and the bounceback on Lunge at 4 to keep mobility high. Your full skill combo is sliding up, jump into Spike, crit with Air Stall, Claw Lunge and try to crit with it, and then ult as you bounce away.