Help me Guys Please

Hey there, i have a big problem… I’m a casual with about 3-4 hours spare time every 2 or 3 days. So since release i played all the time i had.

Accidently i deleted my documents folder and didnt know that my BL3 Savegames are in there and for that my 2 chars (moze and teleport guy) are lost. i cant Recover it cause it got already overwritten with some stuff.

Can someone send me his .sav with a char level about 15-20 and having quests completed till athena? dont care if the sidequests done, they are mostly short to redo…

You would save that game for me, because if i have to redo it because of the lack of cloud saving or having the folder with the saves in the game folder would have ■■■■■■ it up for me…

If you are willing to help me a and got a char that fits you can find it at drive/users/username/documents/mygames/borderlands3/… follow that folders until you see a profile.sav - then we need 1,2,3,4.sav - means the slot of the char in your game.

Hope somebody can help me, seems like reddit community doesnt care much about my problem.
Kind regards