Help me help my friend's Flak

How do I get him to be a good sniper flak? My friend had problems with the last game as kinda everyone rocked grog harold slag for sustain so he hates limitations. And now he feels the same thing is happening with the complex root, unseen threat, cocky bastard, etc. He wants his sniper to be his best damage source, and I guess he’s looking for other snipers that can work pretty good as well. He feels those snipers are his only options, and he can’t just grab a purple like Moze can. As a Moze player, I can grab a 150/50 anoint weapon and for the most part, mob decently well. Idk if Flak can grab a purple sniper off the ground with a good anoint and be like, oh yeah I can mob with this weapon. Obviously bossing is different, but everyone has to adjust their weapons to be able to boss. He’s okay with using the complex root, unseen threat, and even other weapons, just that snipers have to be his main DPS, and he isn’t limited to those options specifically. Can I get some help on all this? Build notes, gear notes, absolute must haves on sniper flak, etc.? Also clarification if purple snipers can mob decently well on Flak, maliwan charge rifles are his fav.

With Maliwan sniper rifles it is best to run splash and AoE bonuses on COM and Artifact. Krakatoa, Storm, Firestorm and Complex Root are the best Maliwan sniper rifle options.

Jakob’s sniper rifles took a pretty big hit yesterday, but Unseen Threat and Wedding Invitation are still serviceable.

I would suggest a skill tree similar to this, or this.

3 shot Fade Away is probably the best overall action skill for a sniper build. I like Not My Circus and Unblinking Eye for augments. I think the next beat would be a Gamma Burst/Red Fang setup. Red Fang Gamma is also the best way to capitalize on Hidden Machine.

Hope this helps your homie out!

Can he use purples jakobs, maliwan, dahl snipers though? Like I can pick up any purple with the 150/50 anoint and mob, but can a Flak? or are the meta snipers really the only ones that can be satisfactory. You can make the argument that its mayhem 10, use the best gear, but Moze can pick up anything with a good anoint and mob pretty good. Is there an equivalent to flak.

That’s not completely true. Moze can’t do that in M10 with purples. You may be able to in areas where mobbing is an absolute joke like Athenas and most base game areas, but try Slaughtershaft, Maliwan/Guardian Takedown (true) with purples and see what happens.

Whether it’s Moze or Fl4k, in M10 you need decent gear and really good annoints.
Snipers aren’t the best options for mobbing on Fl4k, Reflux, Plaguebearer, are usually his go to weps for mobbing. He can use snipers if he wants but he’ll never reach your crowd control then

If they try for a URad build, they will be mostly married to Red Fang Gamma. Moze has more sustain than FL4K, so she can get away with URad much easier.

On the purple weapons/gear. The Stagecoach was too gear for FL4K until yesterday. I have had success mibbing with some good purple Jakob’s snipers, but not sure how they fared the patch yesterday.

I feel for your friend, I want to use sniper rifles in this game. But damn they are all so weak.

Slaughtershaft is still possible, never tried guardian takedown with purples though, but that’s such a minute part of the game. i mean it’s a raid so of course that requires really good gear. If you consider every mobbing area to be a joke except slaughtershaft and guardian takedown, then you are talking about a big portion of the game then. lmao

After multiple projectiles have been limited, I would say that Maliwan snipers are probably in the best place of all the snipers. I have never used Dahl snipers too much, but purple Dahl snipers might be worth a try? The Unseen Threat and Wedding Invitation can still kill if you have a Jakobs crit, sniper damage, and AOE roll on your COM/artifact - but nothing like they did before where you could make a whole room explode hilariously.

Now that I’m thinking about it, the Skullmasher probably should be working as a more competitive option now as well. Good luck getting a M10 one though.

Shame the Dahl snipers are so… sucky lol

Sandhawk still has some use, for a few kills then you’re out of ammo. Stalker was really good but it’s locked to Bloody Harvest event. We need some good effing Dahl snipers!

The Asp and Diamondback snipers are totally absurd in non-mayhem modes, but I am not sure how well they scale with M10. The Sloth was pretty awesome in BL2, so something like that would be the way to go IMO if they were going to do another legendary Dahl sniper. The Sandhawk is just so ammo-hungry, the only VH you can really use it on for mobbing is Moze.

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Damn that sucks, his dad pretty much bought the game so he doesn’t really feel the need to get his money’s worth, so he doesn’t want to play because so few snipers are viable or at least idk anything that’s viable. Moze makes many things viable because of her short fuze, but Flak, I have no idea if a purple can suffice. If he’s really that limited to the only good sniper rifles to enjoy the experience, I guess he aint playing :disappointed_relieved:

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I LOVED the Sloth in BL2. That thing was so underrated, I think Derch even said it was the most underrated weapon in BL2.

I would love to see the Pitchfork brought back, but they seriously need to evaluate the 2+ ammo consumption on sniper rifles IMO.

I hate to hear that, I keep waiting for that magical hotfix that buffs all sniper rifles 50-75%.

For the time being, Maliwan sniper rifles are the only thing cutting the mustard at end game. Pre-Mayhem tho, there are a lot of really fun sniper rifles.

Edit: I’ma do some impromptu testing to see what purple sniper rifles feel worthwhile for FL4K.

Question: does your friend have a Red Fang class mod? If so, I would suggest going with a 3 tree Gamma Burst set up. It can be a semi-support build, and also damage doesn’t matter as much when you don’t have enemies shooting at you.

As for purple snipers, one shot potential is fairly low but if you go all in with splash you can do decently well with a purple proton rifle (maliwan AOE sniper). Also, try vladof launcher. They operate like snipers with way better base damage. If you get yourself a way to regen ammo (knife drain artifact with any facepuncher you can find) then you can just launcher snipe.

Okay thanks. I guess I’ll go collect a couple of items, and let him try it. He’d be okay if the purple snipers do a lot damage as well. Idk what a lot of damage means to him, but maybe 2-3 shots? I’ll try it giving a couple purples with good anoints, and hopefully he’ll like it.

Maliwan is good bet then since he can cover his bases with the other element. Also, if he puts elemental ASE anoints on the shield or grenade (or both if he likes) thenhe’ll get some nice combos like fire+shock for shielded flesh enemies that should really help them along.

He’s pretty set on using fade away as gamma burst are for ■■■■■■■ according to him. So I’m thinking any weapon that can cycle fade-away such as robins call, stagecoach, reflux, etc. Then we’ll give him some side weapons like the seventh sense, maggie, nimble jacks quickdraw, ion laser or vladof tank rifles, a complex root for bossing I think. Regardless of the weapon, 100% ASE on next two magazines or 150/50. For the sniper, we have to give him an unseen threat, skullmasher, cocky bastard, but other options so he doesn’t feel limited would be maybe a purple jakobs or maliwan sniper if it does enough damage to be satisfied with it, not sure about that yet. The shield, grenade, relic, com are hard, but maybe the bounty hunter, front loader, pearl, and hunter seeker.

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Out of curiosity, what platform are you guys on? I have several nice Bounty Hunter and Cosmic Stalker COM’s on Xbox, I’m always happy to help someone out!

we PC, I’m just trying to get this guy to play BL3 again endgame. Early game is good, but when we go up to Mayhem 10, he just hates it.

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It’s an adjustment to put it lightly. M10 isnt for everyone and I can’t blame those that hate it lol

Just try M8. The modifier are way easier to deal with. You won’t get M10 loot, but if you’re on PC you can just use save editor to make it M10 anyway so why risk losing a coop buddy over it?

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