Help me help my friend's Flak

I would be fascinated to see the SHIFT data on the difficulty levels that players play. I genuinely wonder what percentage of players play M10?

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Probably around the same that play on OP8. Regardless of what the forums would have you believe, the majority of players in any game (even active players) tend not to play on the highest difficulty. If 10% of players consistently play on M10 I’d be shocked.

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I agree and that’s kind of why I raised it. All this bluster in these forums over the 7/23 patch (and I have had some complaints too, although I also have some major praises!), and the percentage of players affected by these changes is most definitely less than 50 percent, and probably way less than 30 at least in your and my estimation.

My recollection of the publicly-released SHIFT data for BL2 (that GBX told us, of course, because it is not actually public obviously) was that a massive, MASSIVE percentage of players never even made it to TVHM. About level 35 or 38 I think? This was stated at a press conference late in BL2’s life at some point IIRC.

Sorry OP, did not mean to derail your thread.

For your friend playing Fl4k, if they have not played in a while, it is going to take the person a while to get back into playing end-game. A lot has changed in the past few months in the game, and the sad part is that the changes aren’t going to be up everyone’s alley, specifically the Mayhem modifiers. But there are maybe 6-8 snipers that can be used well on the highest difficulty in the game, which we have mostly hit in this thread. Since the patch yesterday, sniping with Rakks is VERY viable as well, you don’t have to just use FA either.

Keep in mind, this friend is a new player and they are playing through the campaign. There are plenty of viable snipers even in Mayhem mode during the campaign. If you saw my pet runs in the other thread, you’ll see that I ran though M10 Athenas with nothing but a purple splash anointed Maliwan pistol I bought from the Veteran Rewards machine. You don’t really need endgame gear to play through most of the game. As long as a weapons has any halfway decent anoint, mobbing is OK.

So we tried it and it ■■■■■■■ sucked lmao. We didn’t have the pearl yet, but we had a 150/50 anoint monocle, sucked. Skullmasher was okay, cocky bastard sucked, krakatoa works but consumes ammo, and the unseen threat was doing the best. We had a jakobs crit modifier too on a bounty hunter. We were doing tentacle dlc.

Pearl helps, but I don’t seem to feel the Holy ■■■■ difference on FL4K that I do on Moze with the Pearl.

Curious why the Monarch wasn’t ripping with URad?

I know he wants to play sniper FL4K, but they can absolutely demolish any content with the Plaguebearer and some splash/AoE rolls.

Isn’t that contradictory? “I know he wants to play sniper FL4K, but he can demolish content with best mobbing rocket launcher for anybody which isn’t a sniper.” lol , I think the same way as my friend. I use bad guns like the obsidian, bitch, on moze, they can kill a decent bit after my kill skills have kicked in, also short fuze gives me that option. I haven’t given a 150/50 monarch because I don’t have one, but I assume he wouldn’t want to use it. It makes sense though, Flak is definitely the sniper character who should use snipers the best, yet there’s not a huge impact on him using a sniper. The best weapons on him are not snipers at all. Maybe the complex root, but that’s it.

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The core of this issue is how God-awful sniper rifles are in this game.

And yeah, it’s kinda silly that FL4K has such weird synergies with Heavy Weapons.

Not to say anything bad about Moze, but if you feel that you can use whatever gear you want on her then there is no reason your friend shouldn’t be able to do the same on FL4K. FL4K dips into just about every damage bonus imaginable in this game.

Try switching his COM to a Deadeye class mod with as many points in 2Fang as possible. Another option (normally wouldn’t recommend this, but wth) is a Rakk Pakk with the Rakk specific anoint for 100% bonus damage (V2 bonus). Either one of those COMs should give you much higher bust damage against most enemies.

Something to understand about sniping in this game is that most of them are heavily dependent on Overkill to deal damage. Assuming your friend was using Fade Away, he’d really need to make sure he consistenly hits crits to keep that bonus up.

If possible, see if he can try those suggestions. I think he’ll notice a difference going either of those 2 routes.

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I’ll correct myself, I use either high fire rate or high pellet count guns, and they can work well. Plus I use those guns after getting my kill skills after getting out of IB, they’re terrible for bossing and anointed are nearly unkillable with guns I consider bad. Also my damage comes from short fuze, not actually the guns. I feel like Flak is different in that regard. Snipers just suck I think.

wait what , moze can grab purple and do good? am i missing something . also no bl2 doesn’t need grog harold for sustain but yeah, healing option is limited

that cannot be true lol , everybody looking for only max op level weapon everywhere in the Internet. which indicate that majority thinks max difficulty is the standard in the community.

anyone at some point will move on to higher level

All of that is anecdotal. You’re not taking into account the people that don’t play this game as much. Also Moze can pick up some decent purples and do work mobbing, never bossing though. Depends on your build though.

There is actually a topic on the Moze forum of someone playing the game on M10 with Moze using only blue and purple gear. You should take a look.

I was thinking about this. If sniping in this game is overkill dependent, wouldn’t that mean it would get significantly worse in co-op? if I even take one of his kills which will happen because it’s co-op. Also the co-op scaling. I’ll try the deadeye class mod suggestion, but maybe it’s the skill tree as well. I just told him to copy the skill tree from that doc that was posted here, I think I told him to copy the 3 shot U rad/ fade away build. If anybody got a vid or save file on this patch on how to sniper flak, I’d appreciate it.

Not even 10% of the total player base of the game goes to any online forum. Think about this: the BL3 reddit 247k members, and the most I’ve seen active after launch was maybe 5k after major patches or DLC. There is more than likely a fair bit of crossover between Reddit users and GB forum users (not a lot since Reddit has way more users, but a bit).

Going by the number of “Basic” badges awarded to users, there are almost 55k people on the GB forums. How many of them are specifically here for the BL3 forums, and are active in sharing their opinions is unknown.

Borderlands 3 sold 8 million copies as of February.

So even if we assume that everyone on the GB forums is here for BL3, and that each unique account on here and Reddit shares the same opinion as the frequent posters, and that no user has an account on both platforms, you would still only have representation from 300k people out of 8 million. That’s not even 4% of the total player base.

And we aren’t even taking into consideration that, more than likely, non-frequent posters are more casual players that do not share the same sentiments that people who are active on online communities do. So to sum up, our opinions on the internet are in no way representative of the total player base.

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its more like out of 8 mil player , theres less than 10% player who being active. to prove this , try matchmaking and not get into the same lobby twice. we shouldnt even account those who arent playing anymore . anyway yeah nobody have the data other than gbx .

CMT basically carried moze xd