Help me help you

Ok, here’s the deal…
I will be happy to help level or work in a team to OP you with my OP 8 Siren.

That said…
I need someone to help me:

  1. OP8 my Gunzerker and help me improve his gear. I only have 61 lvl gear on him, so I’m kinda useless right now.
  2. Help me OP8 my Commando (he’s OP 2 right now) along w/ gear.
  3. Help me lvl up in TPS. I have a lvl 28 Nisha and that’s all.

I’d like any/all OP8 gear I can get, but I def need an OP8 DPUH for Sal. I’d love an OP8 Grog Nozzle as well.

Shoot me a message if you’re willing to help me. I’ll be happy to help you anyway I can.

I’ve just spent so much time boosting others, I haven’t gotten anything out of it. lol
I’m also just looking for some good crews to run around with. Can have a mic, but certainly don’t have to. (Makes trading and weapon-sharing easier though, but I’m cool either way.)

I’ve got gear I can share as well across my characters, but I dumped most of my top-end stuff before I migrated to the X1 to be ‘nice’… now I wish I had all the stuff I dumped. lol

Thanks in advance.