Help me impossible connection server

hallo everybody
i’m play ps3 with psn+ copy of bl2
i bought goty edition disc and installed dlc
i can’t join any session in multiplayer
i already erase my data (except my save)
can you help me to find a solution to play with my friend or others hunters?
sorry for my bad english
see you soon

as i say in other message
i find
i re insatll all except one data on goty disc
so i play with psn+ copy and goty’s dlc
for moment other people can join me
thanks for your view
maybe see you soon on ps3

If you’re searching the Matchmaking list and getting none, try switching your connection to Public; if still nothing, switch it to anything other than Public, then back – this will update the list, and hopefully there should be some sessions the second time around. If still nothing, keep repeating.

If you’re Friends with someone, select their name on the right side of the screen in either the main menu or pause menu, then select join or invite, depending on who’s hosting. Note that if they’re hosting, you won’t have a problem joining if the session’s open; if it’s set to invite only, they’ll have to invite you in, even if you’re on their Friends list.