Help me improve this setup/build (turned into Nova shield discussion)

After finding a Deadly Bloom shield I decided to go out and make a Nova “build”. Since that is pretty much a no-brainer and not original at all I won’t make a build-thread out of it, but I would like some input from you guys on how to optimize it.

So here we go, lets start with the skilltrees:

I use a Best man com (+6 just compensation) because I assume that grenade damage works on both shield Novas, and optimism explosions?

I also use a bomber oz kit for the same reason.

My grenade of choice is a Longbow Vladof Cryo, and my weapons are Fridgia and Ravager. The other two slots doesn’t matter.

My startegy is basically Freeze & run. And if there’s something really big I use the ravager.

I’ve seen the Novas do 950k damage so I think I’m getting a grenade damage boost. But I have no idea.

Input is appreciated! : )

@Fyx I’m not sure that novas gain from grenade damage. I know they get boosted from elemental damage boost.

How about Winning? If the Nova kills them you get to run faster and your shield is recharged.

I don’t think nova shields get grenade boosts at least from my testing but I didn’t do much of it. I let a kraggon strip my shield with all my grenades, and then with 0 grenades and I got the same damage. I then turned on my bar and saw a slight increase that must of been the elemental damage. I didn’t test this with the Deadly Bloom which is explosive so maybe it does get them.

So the best skill to boost for this kinda build IMO is Best Foot Foward to make sure they stay out as long as possible. You also have a few skills that are counter productive.

  • Take their freedom heals your Jacks and you don’t want that.
  • I don’t know if getting the capstone really helps you since BA Digi Jacks are much harder to go down and have more life
  • Also none of the skills in the FE tree are really doing much for you either.

Skills you are missing

  • Delegation really helps kill your Jacks faster when you are not running and helps you live
    -DPS skills like Synergy and Believe are great and you could most likely get at least one of them. Abusing kill skills is great with this set up
  • Commitment vs Accountability, I would try both but I rarely get more than 3 stacks of Commit and that equals 6% and 12% while I often get up to 20 stacks of Account which is 20% and 40% and I do get up to the 50 cap which gives you 50% and 100%. To me its just more effective.

I considered winning, but it’s a 5 point investment for a small speed boost so I decided to put that towards defence instead. But its a good option.

Its very hard to test what the nova damage gets boosted by since you don’t have much control over what your Jacks do. I tried without grenade boosts and it felt weaker… But that could be because I was expecting it to be…

Do you know if it explodes with both Novas when the Digijacks despawn though?

Take their freedom works for me. The digijacks NEVER die by damage. I just keep moving so they despawn, and it is a very nice instant healthboost for me. (You run away to refill your health in no time).

And the badasses are kind of pointless. I just took them becuase I was already down there and for 1 point it is worth it.

And i like the FE tree skills… Swap speed is nice, auto reload is ok (it gets +5 from the com) and compound interest is just extra free damage.

I will definately try delegation. It might be a better option. The reason why I didn’t take it was because I don’t die when the digijacks are out so I figured I’d go for persistance instead.

Commitment vs accountability… I honestly had 1 point to spare. And all I had was bad options. I don’t notice much bonus from any of them but I will take accountability next time.

All I want is to max out the Novas. Thats why I havent taken awesome skills such as synergy and believe. Thoose are for when I play with my Entrepreneur com ; )

But if the Novas don’t get boosted by grenade damage It means that the Deadly bloom is very strong on its own and I could domsome very interesting things with another com and oz kit :slight_smile:

With BFF at 10/5 and optimism giving them reduced starting life I do sometimes get them to die by damage but your mostly right there

I also get your other points

I did just go and test grenade damage and the deadly bloom doesn’t get it and neither do any of the 2 Jack’s nova skills either.

One different option for your build could be the new legendary Elpis com for its help with cryo but it also is the only com that boosts Optimism. You would have to move your build around a bit if you wanted to get all the points but its an option.

I also like the celestial because 10/5 BFF and 10/5 teamwork is an insane combo that is nearly broken. An antagonist is another solid option, delegation boosted really makes you unkillable and your Jacks die fast, collaborate is great DPS when boosted and winning you can put 1 point in or even more and the movement speed alone is nice, plus the cooldown is great.

A cryo acrobat might also be a winning oz kit for a build like that, or even a Juggernaut because it has the highest slam damage and I assume you will be doing a lot of slamming and if you go with the Elpis com that slam damage will be huge.

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That is actually awesome news. That means all this damage i thought was contributed by my grenade damage skills is actually completely free.

1 question still remains though, is the deadly bloom exploding twice when the digijacks despawn? Or will I be better off with another Nova shield?

I think I’ll rebuild with a celestial dobbelganger com. Unfortunately I have lost my elpis com… Otherwise I’d use that.

I’ll go test this right now. Thanks Derch!

@Fyx With respect to Oz kits, look for a Duality Oz kit that boosts Explosive Damage in Vacuum and Shield Recharge Delay in Atmosphere. I’ve found one with an Explosive boost of 54% which would add a lot to your Deadly Bloom nova damage in some situations at least.


I see what you are saying… I just personally do NOT like duality oz kits. I don’t like conditional skills. But thats just personal.

If I find one I will keep it for the sake of testing. Who knows, it migth be so awesome that I can’t be without it :wink:

I don’t really like them either but this one isn’t bad because it is a lot more general of a boost . Explosive Damage or Shield Delay on a Deadly Bloom is a bonus regardless of environment. It’s the one way I could think of boosting nova damage on your Deadly Bloom since Jack doesn’t have any skills that do it.

Thats a good call, and I think the DB goes off twice when they die, its hard to see but it would make sence and explain why you were seeing 900K numbers. If 2 DB explosive novas and optimism go off at the same time that might show as 1 number.

Yes it does come up as one number. Same goes if both digijacks despawn at the same time. That’s why its a bitch to test…

So I just tested a Celestial build instead and it was almost cheating. I walked through the badass round of the holodome with ease.

The Novas are hitting for anything from 250k to 1.2kk so I have no idea what’s going on there. 1 theory is that there is 6 separate novas (2 from DB, 1 from optimism multiplied by 2 Jacks). But I’m not sure about this at all.

I used an Eddie oz kit to replace the bomber oz. But it was honestly overkill with the heals. I can just go on a jump-pad to instantly get full health.
So I will be on the lookout for a Duality oz kit instead.

I ended up building it something like this:,auto

Yeah my Darth Timothy build is close to that and it does seem unfair and almost broken

The reason that you’re seeing insane damage with the celestial build is because of collaborate. It’s a general damage boost, not just gun damage.
At least I think…

So you’re saying that Collaborate is boosting shield nova damage for me and my clones? I’ve never heard that before, nor did I notice an increase with the Celestial dobbelganger vs the Best man com.
It would be awesome if it did, but I’m a bit sceptical.

Do you have anything backing up that statement?

Just the wording of the skill itself and a recollection of some youtube video that I watched long ago.
I’ll try testing it out & find out exactly what it does & doesn’t boost

It’s additive to gun boosts and most times additive skills don’t boost everything.

You’re right it does say “damage bonus”. I have no idea what that means though. If only we had a test dummy…

No I’m not, it doesn’t affect it at all from what I just tested. I tried everything to get different numbers but they all end up the same 156K.
Just compensation (grenades full & empty), collaborate (10/5 & 0/5) , bomber oz kit, duality oz kit, Eddie oz kit, even tried with the elpis com and optimism 9/5, STILL the same numbers ?!?!?! I suspect that optimism is either broken and doesn’t add damage if wearing a nova shield, or that it’s AOE is so small the enemy has to be all up on the digi-jacks nuts in order to have an effect.