Help me kill Terramorphous, NOW!

I need help killing Terramorphus. I am in game now. Please add and join. Or look for me in public game, on normal play though.

Again, I am online now. Need help with this mission please


This is my last mission before I get all trophies! I want that platinum so I can start Bl3!!

RajeeMama007 calling Dicemann420. Come in, Dicemann420. Over. Hey, you ok out there! Its been 7 hours & no word from you! Come in. Over. :grin:

Still need the help if your offering! I sent friend request

Sorry but I think you misunderstood me. I was just concerned, that’s all. :grin:
Besides, I wouldn’t be in a position to help you even if I wanted to, as I’ve just started playing BL2 for the first time only now. :frowning_face:
Anyway, all the best with killing that Terra thing & getting your platinum trophy. :crossed_fingers:

You still need help by chance? If so for what system exacrly ps3 or ps4 cause I might be able to help depending on your answer.

Still need help with terra? I’m a lvl 55 zer0