Help me learn to love amara

Hey Amara fans, I’m having trouble getting into Amara and finding a fun build and would love some recommendations. I’m at level 59 but find myself dragging my feet cause I’m not fully enjoying her gameplay.

Currently I play
Zane: chain Zane with dome/drone and Crit Zane build with clone and dome

Fl4k: gamma burst build with redfang

Moze: Iron Bear build or vladoff bullet hole build

I can’t seem to find an amara build I enjoy. I’m normally a mid range sustain/Tank build fan as I’m not the most talented/dexterous player to play speed/reaction time builds

Any suggestions would be appreciated so I can enjoy our siren friend

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There are two main categories of builds which hit the press with Amara - elemental/Ties That Bind and melee. Do either of those interest you?

I’d be interested to see your Moze Vladof build. Is there a way to see it?

Ties that bind is a maybe, would work for keeping enemies at a distance… not interested in melee/face puncher build. Would love something more focused on phasecast.

Vladoff Moze I had shreddifiers with double barrel, also with a deathless/bloodletter/transformer gear set and this build.
Worked great back then . Not sure if would keep up now, and haven’t been able to farm good shreddifiers since

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Since TTB is so strong, I tend to put a restriction on myself to make it more fun. So a little while back I did a Jakobs only TTB build and I managed to get it good enough to solo the Maliwan Takedown. That was a mixture of red and blue mostly and will be even better now that the Maggie, Hellwalker and Skullmasher have all seen significant buffs.

Looking at the Moze build, I think the game has changed a lot since then and Moze has received some significant buffs so it could probably be vastly improved. One thing I wonder about is whether you would need to go beyond tier 4 on Bottomless Mags since weapons like the Shredifier have such high natural mags that a point or two in Redistribution could suffice. Then you could put more in Shield of Retribution or begin down Demolition Woman.

I’ve been a tank build fan for a long time in alot of games… I’m find with not doing too date numbers and fights being drawn out as long as I don’t get one shorted and can mitigate incoming damage. So that’s what I’m looking for in amara… Not sure she has a build like that.

That game has vastly changes and that’s probably why I haven’t really gone back to Moze as the meta is different now. Another big thing I find is I usually like builds that aren’t the meta but more my style… I play Zane without seeing dead… I play flak without fade away and with more pet damage… I play Moze without the demolition woman tree (or used to)

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Hey, we’re actually similar then. I think I recognise you from chats we’ve had about different Zane builds. What platform do you play on? Could be fun to do some co-op.

If you want a tanky Amara build then I’d probably look at green tree. If you don’t want melee, which is quite possible without the Facepuncher, then you could go into Personal Space and Helping Hands and do a shotgun build using 300 Phaseslam or 250 Phasecast.

I had a hard time getting into Amara as wel. But my reason was I wanted to melee focus, no facepuncher and phaseslam focus It took awhile to get it right but eventually I did a tvhm m10 no bullets run and had a blast.
As for phasecast I used to do a elementalist com Ion cannon build that was quirky and different and did a surprising amount of damage. Just not sure how it holds up now Dx

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If you’re interested in Cast Builds, keep in mind that they have heavy gear requirements. There are two roads for a Cast build, either you go with a U-Rad Setup and a Deathless or you go with Cast Anointments. However for both I would heavily recommend an Action skill Start Frozen Heart/ Snowshoe. While mobbing with Phasecast you lack some crowd control and the overpowered interaction of TTB mobbing. So you have to make up with different forms of CC and high burst damage. With my Hellwalking Deputy build I can comfortably solo Maliwan TTD, while only using Cast. Max Phasecast damage only works with a U-Rad setup tho, which essentially turns you into a Glass cannon.

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@damien_hine I’m on Xbox… I’ve thought about shotgun phaseslam.

@ComingUpMozeby I’ve thought about an all melee build as I did love Krieg in BL2 … But Amara just doesn’t have the same Krieg like fun lol. Would like to see your build for the elementalist build

@kevin.gloth thanks for the advice. Post your deputy build, it sounds interesting. Not up for deathless, as I have two other characters I already and played deathless on.

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Melee builds feel a lot better than what they used to be , did you try the newly buffed psychostabber with muse com? Also glamour working provide interesting possibilities with phaseslam and 200 inc melee anoint, you can even use dragon com if you feel so inclined

Sadly I’m on PlayStation so we may have to wait a while.

Ooof sorry for delay life’s been well… life like xD
Elementalist is pree straight forward you get a weapon with the highest eLemont for (ion cannon, killothewisp, that other one I always forget xD) and asocally phase cast things ele loud comes up uses your guns dot damage and you wander off while said enemy dies. It’s beeen a hot minute since I used this but with weird mayhem scaling I don’t see why it wouldn’t work lol