Help-- Me... LF Kybs Worth

Guys, I’ve run this raid countless times and can not find any of their drops… help a brother out… Looking for Kybs Worth… preferably Anointed to Flak, Rakk 100% damage. Looking for Cryo, Fire, and non elemental. Thanks for saving my sanity.

It doesn’t come in non elemental but I can send you one that has fire (can’t remember the second element). What’s ur GT ?

I will add you, what is yours? People have hard time with mine tbh!

If you want to try, it’s in my details… no jumper but with l’s.

mine is WaitLikeWhat

Sent you a message m8!

ok, i haven’t jumped on my xbox today - ate some food and then passed out. I’ll send you the kybs tomorrow… at some point : p

Thanks man. You looking for something?

Currently looking for transformer/stop-gap/double-downer shields with ASE 50% corrosive damage. If you have one of those that would be cool, if not it’s all good.

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