Help me make my FL4K better! Got a few Moze and Zane stuffs 4 trade (updated)

What’s up Vault Hunters I used this forum for bl2 and it worked great so I thought I would do the same now that I beat the game in mayhem 3 and need some specific gear to survive mayhem 4. I play fade away for the most part but I wouldnt mind switching if my gear allows it.
This is what I have for trade:
-Booming growling bear trooper
-scattered zippy cold warrior
-treacherous disatrous executor
-preemptive ruffian
-hawt dayemned surbar
-venomous barrage anointed
-Frozer poylbius Moze anointed
-mind killer anointed
-Artic discipline night hawkin (digiclone anointment)
-Searing ripper (moze anointment)
-modern infinity (radiation digiclone anointment)
-blood sucking charitable blast master
-masochist nova berner (moze anointment)
-Shocking AAA (moze anointment)
-venomous nemesis (moze anointment)

I m looking for the following items or whatever you want to suggest
-DP bangstick (either 125% extra splash damage or 125% extra dmg to badasses, bosses…ASE)
-Protuberance 125% splash damage
-Projectile recursion 100% weapon dmg ASE or 50% elemental dmg on next 2 mags
-Lump 125% splash damage
-Last stand otto idol (+17% shotgun dmg, +33% area of effect dmg, +40% mag size) or (+14% weapon reload speed , + 21% action skill cooldown
-tallying ranger comsic stalker (+31% shotgun dmg, +20% reload speed) or (+31% shotgun dmg, +24% weapon mag size).

Feel free to contact me if you are intersed by some of my items psn:Mouerf83

What anoits specifically are you after for the flak weapons?

Anything with a 100% increased weapon damage after action skill or any 50% Bonus elemental damage items.

Got some new stuffs for trade