Help me (multiplayer borderlands 2)

I bought the game BORDERLANDS 2 on Microsoft’s LIVE for XBOX 360 and I can not players with for players offline. Online appears for two players and the other two is in standby mode. Can someone please help me?

It sounds like your game is in local coop mode and you only have two controllers on your 360?

At the main game menu screen, hit the button for network options and check your current settings. If you want to play local co-op, it should be on “Private”; if you want to play with others via XBox Live, you’ll need to choose between “Friends Only”, “Invite Only”, or whatever the third one is.

Thanks for answering.
I have three controllers connected in my XBOX 360. And in the network options, the private option does not appear. Only the options: Friends Only, Invite Only, Public, System Link and Offline.

Sorry, I misremembered. Use the “Offline” setting for private local co-op. System link is, IIRC, if you’re having a LAN party (i.e. multiple 360s on the local area network.) For four players on the same 360 you want Offline mode.

Thanks for replying once more.
I put the offline option with all the connected controllers and it is still not allowed to enter the third player. See the image.

At a loss then. All I can suggest is contacting the folks over on the support desk. I’d suggest you include those screenshots as well.