Help me out: BBB+DD or DB+Cutpurse+facepuncher

I want to try out an all rocket build with Zane. I have a whole.bunch of rocket launchers from scourge to give to ions. So I want a build to use them all and have fun with it.

Which is better
Big Boom Blaster with Distributed Denial to keep me full of rockets

Double Barrel with Cutpurse and facepuncher for unlimited rockets.


Through testing I can easily say DB and facepuncher is the way to go with spamming rockets as Zane


Both work but Cutpurse + DB is simpler to manage. Examples follow …

Can’t really go wrong with either. If you go double barrel for facepuncher, you can also go CCC and executer com with trick of light and scourage.

Depends on the launchers you’re using. Any of the other good launchers and Big Boom Blaster with Distributed Denial could probably keep up, but if you want to use the ION Cannon its gonna fall short. Clone with Redundant Face-puncher and Cutpurse though refills every shot the Clone makes. Trying to get Handsome Jackie to drop one with the 100% bonus Cryo damage to see if that and a Cutpurse White Elephant might be worth building a Seein Dead build around.

You could try a Cutpurse Static Charge. Basically gives the Clone a Banjo

I disagree. Just plopping down the Clone with an FP and I’m done.

I intended to say what you said but wrote something different :grin:


Given that I already have all the grenade skills invested, I think having it and the Drone tossing out tons of Sticky Quasars every few seconds does enough work for that. I may dislike how badly the Singularities work in 3 for gathering enemies up, but it does a good job tossing them around and leaving them helpless to shoot back.

Another great option is using a Cutpurse Launchpad. I’ve yet to encounter a map where there isn’t some elevation you can slam from. One slam usually fills most of your mag.

Or, you could have a Bangstick on your load-out and a Transformer or any other shield that can absorb bullets as ammo equipped: shoot at your feet in sticky mode, but don’t empty the clip (leave at least 1 ammo), and swap to your launcher. The Bangstick-stickies will detonate, and launcher ammo will be added to your pack.

The main advantage of these options is you don’t have to spec all the way up to the capstones, leaves much more build customizability.

I have tried te Launchpad. I find it very akward to slam and in many spaces the rockets just hit the ceilling for me.
I’ve been looking for ages to get a CutpurseRocketboots. I find Rocketboots much more userfriendly and hope it works similar.

Good tip on the bangstick/cutpurse combo, might be worth looking for a lowlevel version of it for that.

I got second place in moxsys takedown challenge completing in 5:18 using big boom blaster without dd and just playing the nukem, which is very ammo efficient.
Here’s the build

The Launchpad takes some getting used to: the rockets kinda fly out your side, so you have to slam with that in mind to goad the projectiles. The Rocketboots is a decent alternative, but I found that it ads much less ammo. I guess it comes down to personal preference, I’d definitively try out the rocketboots!

Well, I only tested the Launchpad in Skywell for obvious reasons, but the gravity might have negativity affected the rockets.

The Rockets would go 30 metres up in the air before moving down to seek target. So any space with a ceilling lower than that caused them to just hit the ceilling. Which is still plenty of places.