Help me out? Team imbalance

Okay, I don’t know how else to ask this. Maybe it is just that I am complete trash but the last 5 games my team has gotten completely curbstomped. Last game of meltdown our team had 53 points when their’s won, their team had 44 kills and ours had 7.

Nearly every game is incredibly one sided like this and I can’t imagine that it is possibly all my fault, otherwise there would at least be a couple games where my teamates carried me.

My question is what is happening?
-Is it that I am really THAT bad?
-Is it that there is no match-making and I just happen to be getting matched against pre-mades?
-I’m playing the wrong champions and there are just 1-2 that are incredibly OP that break the game?
-Something else?

If you’re playing solo it could be that you’re being matched against full parties, when that happens you’re gonna lose badly more often than not. Solo players really suffer in this game, if you don’t have a party to play with you can find teams on these forums who are looking for more people to play with.

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