Help me persuade my wife to name our new puppy Butt Stallion!

I’ve made the post public in the hope of getting enough shares to persuade my wife that Butt Stallion is a more than appropriate name for our new Pup.
I’m a HUGE borderlands fan, and myself and my sons are currently levlling up our third characters each. We’ve done (it took a while) the assault on dragon keep, as well as laughed when Jack tells us about his new Horse…

Any support would be appreciated!

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Consider this:

You are walking the dog in the park, you let little Butt Stallion of the lead, and suddenly he disappears.

You are now walking round the park shouting

“Butt Stallion, Butt Stallion, here boy, Come here Butt Stallion”

How does it sound now?


I mean if you’re interested you could name your dog after one of Brick’s dogs, Priscilla and Dusty. I personally wouldn’t name my pet Butt Stallion, but thats just me.

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I dunno. I’m kind of siding with your wife here. I love Borderlands too, but wouldn’t name anything Buttstallion.


Skrappy! Where are youuuu?!



We got a new kitten a couple of weeks back, and I was trying to christen it Butt Stallion, but my family was having none of it.

I still call him it, but everyone else calls him Coco.

I love the idea. That’s all I’m gonna say.


I call most strangers I meet Butt Stallion

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I’m with @Kitty_Jo here.
A dog’s name is best kept short anyway.


Utterly perfect as I wont be walking her

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For cats it doesn’t matter because they don’t answer when called. (On paper, one if my cat’s name is “Sir Stewart Archibald Wellington Cunningham the third, Earl of Kensington” we call him Stewie for short)

But Dogs is another story. You should call it something short, ideally with higher pitch vowels. (E and I for example) Dog ears are better at detecting those sounds. So Scrappy is perfect. From a purely practical point of view, Butt stallion is too long and kinda awkward to call out. You’re gonna end up giving him a nickname which he’ll answer to better than his real name, so you might as well start there.

So names like romba are good?

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If your dog picks up lint, yes :slight_smile:

You could attach a little ipod and some speakers to him and call him DJ Romba.


I try to name most things after ewoks, I tried to get my brother to name his 2 kids by ewok names I even sent him a list of about 50 to pick from


I’ll help you convince her to name him Dukino.

That works - “Duke” for short, even!

I remember someone telling how foolish and unsafe they felt walking around a park after dark yelling their dog’s name. Sadly, I forgot what the actual name was, but it was a polite version of “Stud Muffin”. Definitely not a good idea in that park…

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I say go for it. You could call it Stallion when you’re in public and it’ll likely respond just as well.

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Or you could call it “butty” for short. Out loud it sounds like “buddy”. But only you will know the truth. Lol.