the music is off and the battleborn are not saying Thier lines what do I do

Restart the game. It’s happened to me a bunch of times. I think it’s a glitch with the menu that carries on in-game.

Ok thanks

Please talk about the game and not each other


Turn off “mute”.

Not being an a**hole, either, haha… I’ve done this.

Just like when I lose something but I’m holding it

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I can’t physically hold on to my self-respect, bud…


Hey me and @nbrownlie237 have been having some game ideas (400 posts and counting)would you like to join (I don’t know if private messages can be more than 2 people though)

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I would, but i only think up game ideas when i’m drunk, and i’ve been very diligent about not posting after drinking anymore; i’ve been banned for it once (i can get pretty aggressive), and have apparently posted some unintentionally revealing information at times.

Ok, just say whenever your fine with it

It’s funny when I see this sort of thing it reminds me everybody has a different drunk personality along with their normal personality. Interesting to see how other people roll after a few bottles.

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Very true, though i’m not normally aggressive when drunk; i just get easily offended, and respond in kind. I also apparently play PVP better when i’m drunk (on every game), while getting worse at most PVE types. This comes from my friends. I equate it with PVP being mostly reaction, and alcohol calming my normal hectic personality, so that i don’t get overloaded; while PVE is mostly a strategy that needs to be approached in a specific, tactical manner, which i can’t grasp when drunk. Battleborn PVE is an exception.

PVP and then PVE getting better/worse? That’s certainly odd. I usually end up a lot more chill than I usually am, which is odd, but I don’t laugh very much and it takes me a while to get jokes (which usually never happens). Normally when sober my aim is terrible, but when drunk I have this uncanny knack to be able to land arcing projectiles on target every time. Foxtrot’s sticky bombs, Ernest’s grenades and charges, all just on point almost perfectly. No idea why.

Also according to my friends, one time after going through half a bottle of Tequila I started speaking fluent Russian. I have Russian heritage but I have never lived in Russia or spoken the language in my entire life.

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Hmm… That last part seems more like possession.
I suggest a young priest and an old priest.

Plus, wouldn’t VODKA make you speak Russian, and tequila make you speak Spanish?

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Haha good point, that would make more sense. But I think it was just because I was drunk not because of what I was drinking. Eating pasta doesn’t make me speak Italian… usually.

Just don’t start speaking Latin near me while your eyes are rolled back in your head, or i’ll be forced to run away screaming.

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Can’t roll my eyes back, fortunately. Gives me a hell of a headache. Can kinda speak a few words of Latin however courtesy of grammar school…