Help me pls crashing save ps4

help, I pumped level 28 of the psychopath and an error came out on the console . after restarting the game writes that the file (saving ) is damaged. Dancing with a tambourine did not give results ( base) called Sony they do not know what to do ! help I played 30 hours ( in obloka only the character of level 9 ) what to do ?( 50 keys and VIP weapons were also lost)
6 lvl buge - 45 iridium
I also lost 110 keys WHAT SHOULD I DO I LOST EVERYTHING :crying_cat_face:

Did you have PSN cloud save enabled for your game? If so, you may be able to recover from there. Otherwise, there’s not much that can be done for the missing save. You can file a support ticket for further assistance with attempted recovery and help with the missing keys.