Help me rate these class mods aka are they worth saving for my (future) FL4K?

Interested in playing him but I know nothing about his skills or preferred weaponry, only that he has pets and invisibility

Rakk commander is trash.

The passives on that Stalker Com aren’t great, and IMO it’s not worth investing into Hunter’s Eye at all unless you’re using the Bounty Hunter Mod. 1 point in Interplanetary Stalker is a crying shame. Unfortunately, IPS is bugged and the bonus damage portion of the skill isn’t affected by Big Game or the COM boost to Hunter skills. Depending on your build (Gammavore or Crit build) the extra points in IPS may be more important than Big Game, but the ideal is still a +3 +2 to those two skills.

That Friendbot is dookie IMO. The Friendbot itself is a great COM, but it really needs as many points into Barbaric Yawp as possible to be good. 1 point into BY and 3 into All My BFF is a waste, especially since the COM lets you second wind for your pets so they don’t need the extra healing.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll probably save the Stalker one, just in case

One thing to consider - even if the passives and skill allocation is not perfect, start with a COM for how you feel you want to play him.
Or if you have room, save one of each type so that when you do start your FL4K you have some options.

My 2nd FL4K is using a Friend Bot COM. I really want to find a better version of it but make what I do have work until I come across a better one.

My main FL4K is currently using a ST4CKBOT COM, which I plan to change back to Bounty Hunter or Stalker soon.

My main point is when first learning the character, use the COM to see how the COM itself works before worrying too much about the stat layout to see if that is how you want the character to play.

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Yup, I still have them. Just gotta be careful with bank space lol

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