Help Me Read Please

Type I have the ultimate vault hunter, I do not gain exp I kill a monster and do not gain exp help me I’m level 50 and I’m crazy to upar for the 51 please help me

What level are the monsters you are killing?

And are you in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode while doing it?

Also, and be completely honest, have you used any software to mod your game? According to a google search this is a very common sign of having modded your save incorrectly.

If you aren’t gaining XP then you’ve out leveled that play mode. Technically UVHM starts at level 51 but only when in UVHM- if you stay in TVHM while at level 50 you gain virtually no XP, except for quest missions that you still haven’t done yet. If you’ve finished TVHM, save and quit and when you restart you should have the option to start play in UVHM.

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To expand more on what google is telling me are possible causes:

  • Incorrectly modded game
  • Playing using a downloaded save file
  • Season Pass glitch (uninstall season pass then reinstall)
  • Killing creatures significantly weaker than you. (You eventually gain no XP from this).

no I play in xbox 360

I have option ultimate vault hunter mode more I no gain exp killing monster in UVHM

Level 52 , yes

Are you playing standard BL2 with downloaded Season Pass, or Game of the Year edition?

More type I did not buy the DLC from the ultimate vault hunter it already came when I finished the true vault hunter, I already played it but I can not exp

Try from main menu “Select character”->“asdsdasdsa”->check “Ultimate vault hunter mode”->“continue”

no my UVHM is free I no pay for ultimate vault hunter

UVHM is not “free to play” if you don’t have the ultimate upgrade packs then you can’t progress beyond level 50. The first one adds 11 levels to the cap and he other one adds another 11 levels and digistruckt peak.

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