Help me settle an arguement

Friend of mine keeps saying Kleese is a tank. How do I make him see that…HE IS NOT :X

It even says he is in his description that he is and if you rotate his aegis, main shield and Rotating Wards you’ll take little health damage… If played right ISIC can be very very hard to kill…

^kleese not isic has he edited since?
Well did you bring up that he has the lowest health in the game. It says llc support. Energy rifts retrose shields to team mates and he can heal team mates but not himself. He has no blocking shield, damage reduction or health gain.
I dont see how you friend can see him as a tank he will be really surprise when he plays a real tank and sees how unkillable he is compared to kleese.

Hah… My post is null now, if you helix and position your rifts right kleese can be hard to kill, but he is squishy, and should have a teammate nearby, buff his damage res and shield should help…

He not a tank though he a support we dont to give him damage reduction and extra shields.

Or my healer build, quartermastery bin, solar sustainer, and update 15.1C, and my strategy was similar to how I fight as an aggressive Ambra… And please speak just for you, I like finding ways to make characters work in what most consider as the wrong ways…

Ok if you want to give him that though gear your chioce. I thought you meant they should buff him to give him more damage reduction and more shields like passively.

im pretty sure every tank has some kind of escape too/dash

being fat doesnt make you a tank xD, and having high shields doesnt make you a tank… b/c shield pen?

Do characters have built in damage reduction?

Yeah, each character has different base stats that evolve as a match unfolds and you develop your helix… Compare the health between Kleease Orendi and Montana… Also it would be nice to view the base and developed stats by character in game, and show us how our items and helix affect those stats…

I mean, he becomes a tank in the sense that he fires from a cannon and moves but no, he’s not a tank in the sense where he soaks up damage. Characters like Montana, Kelvin, and Boldur fill those roles better.