Help me spend my Skill Points!

Hello boys and girls… looking for the best allocation of my newly acquired skill points. I have specced into Megavore( which I love) and I am a Crit Hit junkie as well. My survivability is ok given I move around a lot but it would be nice to have my pet and I a bit more protected. I also love to wreck everything in sight. I have just about every mod available for FL4k so that’s not an issue. My new passion is utilizing Megavore with my Splash / Pistol/ Weapon Damage class mod an the Craps pistol :flushed:. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Drumroll :joy:

Given your current build there are a lot of decent places you could throw 3 points.

Leave no trace - though you mentioned using splash weapons so maybe you aren’t aiming for crits so it would be reliant on Megavore and maybe not massively impactful.

Turn Tail and run - More damage while still more survivability while moving.

All My BFF’s - Better survivability for the pet.

The Most Dangerous Game - More damage.

Filling out Two Fang + Grim Harvest - more chance at the 2 projectile shots and a little more damage.

To be blunt I’m not really a fan of your allocation all around but if this is the build you go with, all of those choices I mentioned would be fine for the 3 points.

Take everything out of grim

3 into most damgerous

3 into second red tree skill

2 out of the second row middle red tree skill

3 into the green tree for damage on standing still and damage reduction on moving

My logic behind these changes was to get you more damage and survivability from the Blue tree while not sacrificing too much damage.

  1. Hunter’s Eye bonuses are really small for 5/5 without some kind of COM boost, so I moved the points to Second Intention for more reload speed.
  2. Due to the cooldown bug, 1 point in Headcount should be enough.
  3. Most Dangerous Game is a great, basically passive damage boost.
  4. Moved points from Grim Harvest to Ambush Predator. You said you liked hitting crits and the craps was your main gun. Considering the distance you use the Craps at most of the time, this buff should be active most of the time, providing you with a handling buff that’ll make hitting crits easier.
  5. Rakk Cool down is so short you don’t need Eager to Impress most of the time. It helps but you can live without it.
  6. 2 points in Overclocked only gives 8% fire rate at best. Not really worth.
  7. Fast&Furryous gives the same amount of gun damage as MDG. Since I specced for MDG, I removed points from here, Eager to Impress, and Overclocked to fill in the Blue tree.
  8. I picked up Who rescued and Frenzy for a damage and survivability buff for you and your pet.

Hope this helps!


I like this. I wonder if I could make it work for a pet build combined with the Red Fang and some Gamma Burst weapons (I have a lv.53 GB Maggie!). With the Red Fang giving a point in He Bites, I wonder if it would be worth moving it to All My BFFs for pet survivability.

A lot of thought into this so thank you. How well is pet survivability and viability with this build you suggest?

Depends on which pet. If you take a point out of Furious Attack or SRS to get All My BFFs, the spiderants will be incredibly tanky inheriting their own health regen, even with just 1 point. Otherwise, Skags will die all the time unless you really micromanage, as will Beefcake Jabber. Gunslinger will do fine regardless of the build.

Damage will be bad w/out Gamma Burst no matter what you you do unless you go with Gunslinger Jabber and spam attack commands.

Always spiderant. I may try what you suggested. Thx

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