Help me start playing Salvador

I wasn’t, though I’m sure you’re adventurous too.

And best? Perhaps creepiest.

I do plenty of Maya melee with my bandit build but I’m put off pure melee characters because I really hate the prodding motion of the Rapier.

His Steam name is Assassin Raceclimb, with close to 9800 hours in Bl2 and god knows how many bizarre characters. He plays it a lot more like a tabletop RPG - they all have their own personalities and motivations. It’s rather brilliant actually.

Bookmarked for future reference! I like the idea of the Slow Hand with him too.

On the subject of combinations which you mentioned there… anyone have general guidelines for good combos? Do you go for different weapons in each hand? Should they have different or similar ranges / accuracies? (Of course it’s partly situational).

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Since you’ll be levelling up for a bit by playing through the story, just go with combos that work for the specific missions and enemy types you know you’ll be facing. There is the Divergent Likeness thing, but I don’t feel that’s terribly important in NVHM at least, and by TVHM you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether you do or don’t like it. The main thing I go for (since I’m a lowly console peasant) is how big the cross-hairs get. As long as you can keep close-quarters, you don’t really notice, but when the one kill you really need is furiously back-pedalling all the way into BL1, accuracy becomes very important.

Edit: also, the ability to land those crits while hip-firing. See: Lady Fist etc.


9800 hours WOW, I’m closing in on 4k and I thought that was a lot :open_mouth:

I think on Sal, to keep this as short as possible, accuracy is better than straight up damage, since you’re forced to always hip-fire. Vladof snipers are surprisingly useful on Sal as they combine high damage and accuracy, though they do run out fast. If you find a slag weapon that’s always a solid Gunzerking choice so you don’t have to slag-and-swap, though you could always just slag-and-swap in one hand and keep firing from the other and Sal has skills that benefit from swapping weapons. Divergent Likeness is a great skill either way, again accuracy vs damage, it’s not a mandatory skill and there are probably better options later but it’s a solid pick if you spec down the left tree early.

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My current Sal, Reverend Pain, is currently using shotguns only (even though he has all weapon types). Currently he has a shock Practicable Slow Hand and slag Sledge’s Shotgun as his primary weapons with an Ornery Triquerta and a Rustler’s Striker as his secondary pair (so using a Deputy’s Badge with the second pairing is a good idea). In normal pretty much any combo of weapons can work- I paired shotguns with AR’s, pistol/SR, SR/RL (I was just experimenting- I swear!), RL/shotgun- pretty much anything. With my Original 6 I didn’t worry about builds until the end of TVHM when going up against Terramorphous. With the new characters I tried to avoid following the builds of my original VH and tried to mix things up, which is why the Rev is a Brawn/Rampage build with enough Bloodlust to hit Money Shot. I also try to avoid using Moxxie weapons with any of the new guys, even against Pete and Terra. I tried to rely on skills and coms for healing- the only reason the Rev is using the Slow Hand now is because it was I weapon I never used before, and the new guys are all about trying new builds and previously ignored gear- like the Florentine…:smile:

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Hehe. I once tried to fight OP8 Hyperius with a Krieg who refused to spec Silence the Voices and a Sal dual wielding two Norfleets :dukefp:

Does Sal do ok on his own without Moxxi guns? I know it’s convenient for any character to use them but the only character I really rely on them with through most of the game is Zer0, because a Grog complements grenades during Deception well, and he’s so fragile without much health regen. Sal seems pretty burly?

Shamless plug since you mentioned sniper :grin:.

BTW, I had no idea there were so many PhDs playing Sal. Braindead easy my butt…


This is a common misconception about Sal that I’d love to see corrected.

Sal is easy to PLAY
…But hard to build properly. Builds can be shared though :slight_smile:

If the Harold didn’t exist, people would whine that Sal is underpowered, or that he needs to rely on glitches to work.

Most people who say that Sal is easy never thought up their build themselves but just copied one from the internet, so the only part they experience is the easy one.

Sure, once you have a good build going and that you have great synergy and flow between your gear and skills, you can pretty much just hold down both triggers and stare at things until they die…but getting to that point generally takes a lot of fine-tuning (or a lot of experience with Sal)

So @hattieinduni, I totally understand What you’re feeling about Sal and how difficult it is to get the hang of him :slight_smile:


I think I answered that in the other thread already :slight_smile:

1 & 2 and 3 & 4 are pairs

If you’re holding one when gunzerk starts, you’ll bring out the other one (so it can result in having your guns in the wrong hand if you start gunzerk with guns 2 or 4 out, it will bring out guns 1 or 3 in your left hand.)

From them, if you select gun 3, it will replace gun 1 and if you select gun 4, it will replace gun 2. Any combination is possible except 1 & 3 and 2 & 4

All gunzerk all the time! If you’re not gunzerking all the time, you’re doing it WRONG!!!
…Seriously though, don’t bother with out of gunzerk setups…just gunzerk as much and as often as possible.

Don’t drop your keys in the snow
Get some home insurance
Beware of dogs that you don’t know
Eat your vegetables
Try skydiving at least once


There are some skills that only apply their effect to the main hand so you should always try to keep your main gun in your right hand (assuming you use the same general setup of main hand DPS, off-hand support as everyone else)

My favorite snipers for Sal are the Pimp, Lyuda and Longbow :slight_smile:
Dahl snipers should be avoided as they are semi-auto :frowning:

You can make it work if you really want to, but it’s very awkward

The Middle tree is like a foundation: build it first and everything else will be much smoother.
Other than that, Gunlust is a bit overkill before UVHM and Moxxi guns are harder to come by, so a decent investment in the Brawn tree is always nice, especially Hard to Kill and Ain’t got time to bleed

My 2 cents (in no particular order):

Gunzerking = must hipfire = you want weapons that have good hipfire characteristics. He’s actually a great user of hyperion weapons, though they unfortunately have anti-synergy with Steady As She Goes (whereas other guns benefit from it, it makes Hyperion guns worse). Salvador has some of the best fire rate buffs in the game, and so is naturally suited to using weapons with large magazines (long time to empty mag versus reload to be more precise).

If you run 5 Shots of 6, then ammo cost is an important variable to think about, as the way that skill works is that it lowers shot cost by 2, which means that a weapon with a shot cost of 1 ends up costs -1 ammo, or otherwords, it gains +1 ammo, which will go in the magazine if there’s room. If the weapon has shot cost of 2, then it becomes 0 instead (note that you aren’t getting ammo back now), if the shot cost was 4, then it’s reduced to 2. The end result is that the effect is much better for weapons with lower shot costs, prime example being Vladof RLs (yes it works on launchers, though it only affects main hand weapon).

I’ve noticed that if you activate Gunzerk when you are below health gate, you will rapidly regenerate 50% of your max health at the start in addition to the usual slower regeneration (2% of max/sec iirc), so a nice strat to maximize your tanking ability is to hold gunzerk until you are healthgates and then pop it. This does however increase risk of going down during Gunzerk, which can be bad if you don’t have Down Not Out yet (I haven’t had many issues though, so it’s plenty manageable).

The off-hand weapon’s crosshairs don’t expand due to sprinting like the main hand do, which means you can fire with full hip-fire accuracy as soon as you exit a sprint with the off-hand.

Because of Gunzerk regenerating a % of max health, health boosting shields can be very effective on him for NVHM play. The Flame of the Firehawk that you will get from the relevant sidequest is a good shield on him, since he prefers fighting up and close and hence under usually near constant fire (Nova spam ftw).


You always get 50% of your total health back when you start gunzerk, not just when you’re low on health :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen that happen when I’ve activated Gunzerk while above healthgate, maybe I’m just not noticing?

Well, it’s harder to notice since the health bar is bigger and it fills pretty fast, but it is there.

Right now I’m having an indecent amount of fun in the bandit slaughter with an infinity and a spinigun… :grin:

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OK, so, the Hail… I saw some discussion of this on another thread… I’m guessing it wouldn’t work to equip a Hail + a different gun?

It CAN be done, but it’s gonna be awkward. With the hail, you can modulate the Y axis to shoot farther or closer, but if you do that with Sal, you’re throwing the other gun off. The only point where that would work is if you keep it leveled and aim at targets that are precisely the distance where the Hail’s shots go back down to the level of the other gun…meaning you will have a very narrow band of workable distance.

Though I guess that would work with the Sawbar since it also has a very narrow band of effectiveness … hum… I should probably try that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am one of those RL/pimpernel players. I have rubi/harold in the other slots but dont use them, since there is really no need. Is it kinda boring? Maybe, but its effective! I am guessing the RL/lyuda does kinda the same thing as the pimpernel combo? Are there more combos like that?

Fairly certain the Lyuda doesn’t work like that.

But if you’re looking for launcher shenanigans, try “flak-em”. Nuke’em main had, flakker off hand. For some reason, it’ll take on the damage of the nuke’em and do ludicrous damage. It’s also more engaging that pimphab since you have to get the distance down.

That trick only works with a select few weapons that have secondary projectiles that are coded to apply main hand damage. AFAIK, it only works with the Pimpernel, the Flakker and the Sawbar

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But then I’d have to use the Flakker :frowning2: :stuck_out_tongue:

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