Help Me Survive Incursion As El Dragon Please!

Even though I have El Dragon at level 12, I SUCK with him, even post level 5 (although my stats do improve after that).

He just has not “clicked” for the way every other Battleborn has after spending 8-10 levels on them.

I do realize that Incursion is not the optimal mode for Dragon, but I have (I know we ALL have) seen plenty of people rack up dozens of kills and assists as our favourite robot armed luchador.

It seems like every time I go into the middle to kill some Minions or try to soften up some enemies / grab some mop up kills / assists / buy the Lightning turret or grab the big shard, I get melted.

I am terrible at winding up where I actually WANT or need to go with my Clothesline.

Should I be using his wrestling ring or fireball level 10?

I am using Attack damsge / speed and Max health gear.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Start with a shard generator, -building stuff and hp. El dragón is near imposible to play if your team dont let you kill 10 bots or lvl up, so try -building stuff first, when you feel more confident move to Attack power, attack speed and hp.

You are new to el dragón so try to join fights 1v1 to make them 2 vs1, get minions and shards to improve your dmg. Be a coward turn around and clothlines if your hp drops to 50-80%. Use dragón spalsh to dmg bots and get some exp.

This will be your fighting style untill lvl 5, now you will use clothlines to get in and knock up your oponents, get en fuego while they are in the air and follow with a dragón spalsh and meltdown anyone who got stunned.

Clap is stronger and has a huge range so use it in fleeing targets or as an aoe attack for bots. If you cant get out of the base stay near the path of bots to farm exp, after lvl 5 you become a pudh monsters.

If your team got pushed use en fuego behind a wall move around and stun as many bb as you can, so map awareness is important,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,1,1,1,-1,

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If you really really wanna be a top luchador. You need to point the @Dr_H0H0 signal into the sky

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0 cost shard generator/wrench and an attack speed item, maybe the eldrid blue. Buy everything and at lvl 3 get the clap and focus on thralls. Be very selective when going in. At lvl 5, you should be good to go.

I can’t give much advise on Dragon but here’s what I know. Closeline is best when used as an escape and you should very rarely use it to initiate or to kill someone. If you do then you will most likely be killed because you can’t get out of a fight when you need to. It is good for chasing down someone that’s running away when you get the knockup at level 4 but be careful if you do.

A lot of El Dragons just use the clap when they get the buff at level three but that’s not efficient. If you are focusing someone then just stick to your primary melee because you will get higher damage output. Use the clap against multiple enemies or against people trying to stay out of your range like thorn when she’s jumping in the air.

As far as gear goes, what you are doing now is fine. If you start to get better about surviving then try swapping out that health for more damage output. I have a friend that uses Vow of Vengeance and Stolen Edge with a shard generator for vicious damage output on Dragon.

Hope this helps.

I have a lot of the same problems so my advice doesn’t come from much Incursion experience.

But I know he can perform on Incursion because I’ve seen it done.

I think the key things to remember for him on Incursion are:

  • You can’t stay at the choke point long. Get a splash and a few claps off to clear minions or get pressure on the enemy team, then fall back behind your tankier teammates.
  • You can’t dive past the choke point reliably. Clothesline is a great escape but not when you’re trying to use it to get past a crowded area. Enemies and your own wave will hang you up and leave you standing exposed to fire in a spot where AOEs are constantly going off.

There’s a few things you can do pretty well though.

  • He’s one of the better characters for grabbing Bonecrusher thanks to high damage and movement.
  • He’s a good shard gatherer since he’s faster than normal and doesn’t want to be right in the action all the time because of how squishy he is.
  • Excellent for punishing dives. High damage, fast, with a good CC (clothesline knock up). If you get your licks in, the rest of your team ought to be able to finish them before they can safely escape.

Don’t be ashamed to abuse the clap. You’re a melee character in a game mode skewed towards ranged. Do whatever you can do be useful.

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Thanks, all!

@Master_Oddjob Bonecrusher? First Thrall?

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I’ve seen a lot of people recommending shard generator and buildable cost gear for fast leveling. Take note that this will give you a nice advantage early on but you will suffer in late game. I’ve seen a lot of Dragons get to level five while everyone else is level three and they do wonders while it’s like that but when everyone else starts to get higher up, you will be at a disadvantage.



I’ve had similiar thoughts! Any suggestions?

About Dragon’s playstyle or early power leveling with shards and building stuff?

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Yep, Bonecrusher Thrall.

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About leveling up quickly without sacrificing a valuable gear slot for a shard gen or wrench?

Free shard generator and free wrench. Build any shock turret you can get your hands on, splash on minions then clothesline out when low, rinse, repeat. You’ll out level your opponents and it’s over from there. If your team is coordinated and understands that dragon is so level dependent they’ll let you do shards and building early to get ahead. Then just let your team know when you are going en Fuego and your team will take over. He’s just not strong enough early to chase kills, get the minions and shock. Better, easier xp. But possibly the most crucial thing is to be aware of the other teams position once you get level 5. Galilea can be dragons worst nightmare. I’ve baited too many dragons as galilea at coming in on me. They clothesline in and knock up, pop en Fuego, then try to splash and I desecrate to pull them out of it, stun, RIP. Anybody with an easy stun or silence, is bad news for dragon. He can annihilate 2 to 3 people with 1 combo of his abilities, but certain characters will counter it so hard. Either pick and choose who to target, or watch and wait for them to use their abilities that counter you. While I agree with a previous poster that the free gear hurts you in late game, this strategy is meant for dragon to be getting/setting up double and triple kills. Your team should be taking advantage of that and killing sentry after. If you do it right the game shouldn’t go the distance lengthwise.

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Hunt minions…?

There are some things you can do. Be sure to kill minions and early on focus on building up turrets rather than getting your gear. It depends on how you play the character whether gear or experience is more important. Remember that leveling up the shock turret to level two or three gives WAY more experience then just building it. This can help you get the early levels you need and gear can wait. It’s all about finding the balance in your shard spending. Don’t focus 100% on getting your gear and don’t focus 100% on power leveling with building stuff.

Take build cost and shard gen. Run on the field and immediately grab the 500 shock in the starting area. Automatic level 2. Kill minions and assist till 5. Stun any overextender until you’re good enough enough with him to confidently jump over enemies, turn around, stun splash and wreck entire groups

I have been summoned! I wrote a guide shortly after the game came out here and i still play him the same way but i wised up to his matchups so some of it’s out of date info. If you wanna learn him just read that and practice. It also helps to scream some of his lines as you go for the pin but then again maybe that only helps me. :sunglasses:



Just read IT all and commented!

Thanks again!

I disagree. I understand the logic, but that’s not how it always plays out. A shard generator and two pieces of legendary gear is sufficient to get things done. Especially as dragon. If you are putting enough pressure on the enemy team (which you should be doing when u have a generator), then you should be effectively denying them shards. I often reach my full build before everyone and when I’m successful I find that half of the enemy is still finishing their build by late game. I am kind of a shard whore though

I agree with that idea completely and many of my friends do as well. I’m saying that sacrificing TWO gear slots for building is a bad idea. I find that a shard generator is sufficient on it’s own but using that and a wrench with one is over kill. You will level up very quickly with both but that one left over gear slot might not be enough. One shard generator is a great thing for almost any gear loadout so long as the other two are decent.