Help Me Survive Incursion As El Dragon Please!

No problem. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about our Luchador friend.

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Ah. I understood your comment as having a shard generator meant that you wouldn’t be as viable late game as those who had three combat items

This what ya do:

rock a shard gen and wrench. Activate them.

spend the next 5-7m getting to level 5.

Show self in lane long enough to get max stacks. Aka clap a wave once or twice.

sneakily wait at the side.

See opening

En fuego and proceed to win the game.

You literally just set traps for the use of En fuego. He can straight carry a game off of ultimate uses because of how bonkers it makes dragon splash. 2 second stun while the skill does 600+ and you ruthlessly pound the crap out of whoever is in it at mach 5. You can play with or without the shard gen and then run some pretty stupid set ups like Bola’s+ voxis. Whoever you punch dies and then their family, friends, and general wild life in the area die as well.

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Just play in and out waveclear until somebody overextends and you can pummel them.

El Dragon has really good waveclear, dash in, AOE splash the minions, clap a few times then clothesline to safety.

Between doing this and building a bunch in between waves you’ll gain quick levels.

After that you can turn the whole match with a well placed clothesline knockup into stun combo, killing their pushers or an entire group, or setting your team up for a powerplay.

Just recognise when you’re in trouble and clothesline to safety earlier rather than later, and attack from the shadows wherever possible.

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I have the same issue.
As others have mentioned, trying leveling up on bots and buildables at first.
Use Clap, and clothesline mostly to escape.

I grouped with a really awesome El Dragon a while back and he said to stack as much Attack Speed as possible.

Tried it out and holy crap does it work! Now I just have to find that balance between survival and absolutely destroying people 1v1.

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First and for most if you are ever running a LLC on Incursion I HIGHLY recommend some sort of health regeneration item, as seeing it’s only one lane with a simple choke point it is very easy to get focused.

The next portion I put in with the understanding that you know now to rush down 3-4 chars with dragon and to pick your engages wisely.

Now with that being said always go with damage reduction helix choices with him. I believe his level one has is enemies hit with dragon splash deal -30% less damage. This will keep you on them minions longer.

Next is to always have clothesline ready for an escape routine. This will get you out of melee encounters and alot of ranged encounters. I only recommend engaging with Clothesline after you get the level 4 (or three?) helix choice where a cancelled clothesline will knock enemies in air AND you have players with you or your opponenet has two or more players down.

On level 5 always get damage reduction with the dragon stacks in incursion. He’s just too squishy, trying to put out extra skill damage will make you feel lots of pain.

Other than that just be weary of the fact that he’s a glass cannon and does glass cannon stuff.

For his level 4 “cancelled clothesline becomes a stomp with knock up”, do you have to physically press a button to cancel it or will hitting an enemy / wall automatically end it and begin the knock up?

Manually press halt during - and send them flying :traffic_light:

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Ahhh, thanks.

That explains why my clothesline fails to knock them up so often!

I panic and forget to press Halt!

Is Halt L1 or Circle (on PS4)?

It’s the skill button, so L1.

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