Help me switch OP 8 gear?

I am on xbox one. I played borderlands 2 on another account and want someone to help me move all of it to the profile I have now. All OP 8, I’m willing to share. If you want to help, you’d need to get on 360 and I’d give it to you, save your character on the cloud. and then give it back to me back on my other profile in the xbox one. I’m willing to share. Anyone help me?

Why don’t you just sign in to both accounts and send yourself your gear before porting?

I don’t have handsome collection on one profile and don’t have 360 version on another.

ahh, so you want someone with a 360, to add your old profile on their 360 then cloud save it to the xbox 1 so you can download your dude or dudette, whatever the case may be.

Yea can you help? I’ve got sandhawk infinity bee all op 8

I apologize but I can’t. I won’t load anyone’s account I don’t personally know on my 360, and I can’t figure out any other way to get your gear over. I apologize. Also please be careful, in order to load your account on someone elses machine they will need your deets and could really hose you. It may just be easier for you to go rent a 360 or buy a used one and return it.

No, I’m not gonna give anyone my stuff. What i’m gonna do is add you as a friend on my old account, give you the weapons, then you cloud save them, then get on the xbox one, then give them back to me on the xbox one on my second account.