Help me underrstand why I died

Mayhem 10 Anvil runs. The below videos do a better job but here’s what happens. It happens to me way too much and I don’t understand why. My barrier is up, plenty of shield and life, and it looks like there is some sort of an explosion that kills me. There’s nothing I can do about it. The hardened tink tank is the primary culprit but I think others get me the same way.

Some tell me what the heck is going on.

I don’t know for certain, and I often explode at random when playing as Zane myself but there was certainly an explosion to your immediate right in the 2nd video. My best guess is a grenade (the tink tanks do throw grenades).

Barrier is still bugged against splash from what I’ve heard. I don’t know the details since I don’t play Zane, but if you check that section of the forum there is an issue where splash damage seems to penetrate the barrier and it pops up a lot in SS. It may have something to do with that.


Well at the end of the 3rd video you were definitely killed by grenades.

1st video - DoT on water
2nd video - the same or bombs
3rd video - bombs



Damage over Time. In this case from a BadAss rocket launcher.

The first video you clearly died from being shot.

The others are splash damage. I know zane has a barrier glitch where splash penetrates it but as ive noticed on fl4k since Guns and love came out, rad explosions sometimes are delayed as ■■■■ and dont explode for like 3-5 seconds after someone dies. You might be moving over the body when the delayed boom finally goes off

rocket launchers can go through barriers?

No. There’s a shock DoT on the water that was created by enemy fire.

As morss4 said: just as you can complete electrical circuits in game by dumping water on a broken wire, so shock now can spread on any water surface to some extent. It adds another level of hazard to the game and will punish any lack of situational awareness.


1st video: It looks like you were repeatedly hit, by what I call the damn annoying “sexy Rocket Spamming chick” that has literal clairvoyance in tagging you from anywhere on the map, even if you’re hiding. Their spot on aim is literally out of this world, and they will keep spamming an infinite barrage of rockets at you until you’re dead

I am reminded of that quote from “Terminator”: " It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop EVER Until you are dead" LOL!!

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Your barrier doesnt’ scale to mayhem 10. It’s destroyed in seconds by RL and grenades. Mine goes down immediately all the time.

I know enemy damage supposedly isn’t increased on Mayhem 2.0, but i’m constantly going down after being meleed or if RL’s are around

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@Amazing_DKSWW The barrier doesn’t have a health bar or damage cap. It can’t be destroyed. It does go down if you go into FFYL.

Enemies can still damage you if they go through the barrier so in general it does nothing against melee unless you take the knock back augment. Enemies can also straight up shoot you if they “barrel stuff” you. Splash damage can sometimes get you if the radius is larger than the barrier radius. If you step on an environmental hazard it won’t help with that. You can also get grenades inside the bubble and die that way.


Elemental DoTs like elemental puddles in the water or from heavy CoV launchers the badass Militants sometimes have still go through Zane’s Barrier.

That happens to me on The Maliwan Blacksite with Moze Mayhem4 solo. And my first FFYL lasts a second. I just stoped playing that map. It’s lag central on PS4 right now.

Badass wield vladof heavy weapon can pierce zane shield, i was keep dying on slaughter shaft with full shield zane that makes me really angry and i keep watching which enemy can do this until i found out that vladof heavy is the culprit, as far as i know other heavy weapon can’t pierce the shield only vladof one.

I think the Vladof launcher thing got fixed.

But yes at some point that was definitely a thing.

Was just in the villa on M10 with cov psyco’s and scoping them with my Opq I seen something I’d never seen before the psyco had a bat and what look like a stone( possibly a grenade )tossed it and swung his bat hitting it and down I went into ffyl,and don’t get me started about the flying melee people one shottlng you( IN THE FACE )rip McShooty lmao

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This is an excellent discussion. What I haven’t heard anyone mention is if there’s anything zane can do about it from a gear/character build standpoint. Seems like the fix is just alter your playing style. Treat the water like the movie Jaws - stay away from it. Take care of the rocket launching enemies first, etc.
I swear its that hardened tink tank S.O.B that gets me all the time. I actually die more doing the Anvil then maliwan takedown or slaughter. Maybe its my playing style - I have more respect for the enemies in takedown then I do in Anvil. In Anvil it doesn’t look difficult so I don’t play it like it’s difficult, if that makes sense.
I was just curious if there’s any gear, or character build that can help. Thanks for everyone’s help.