Help me underrstand why I died

Yeah, I see those guys all the time. They can also hit your grenades back at you. In fact, I think one or more of the Psychobillies are that enemy type.

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In the first video, it looks like the dots in the water got you. The radiation dot in the water didn’t do you any favors either. I tend to go down a lot myself, not realizing that I’m standing in a pool of yellow goo that’s eating away my shield.

In the second video, it almost looks like the Tink that spawned from the beacon had thrown a grenade before it was even visible. It could have been from something else, but yeah, it doesn’t take much to drop your shield. And if you’re running a Front Loader, you don’t benefit from health-gating. Though with multiple grenades, it won’t matter.

Third video was definitely those grenades. Sometimes I have better luck running towards them, as they tend to get me if I try to backup. I hate them nonetheless. Perhaps more than the anointed.

As for the infamous Barrier Bug, there are a few barrier bugs, I’m not an expert but I’ve submitted many tickets to support on the matter.

There was one bug that was recently fixed: certain weapons used by Badass Zealots could damage Zane through his barrier, especially if it was being held. This is because the projectile would hit the barrier, proccing an explosion, that had a larger AoE than the visuals displayed. So Zane would get hit if he’s hold the barrier. If the barrier is on the ground, he is safe in the middle of the barrier, up to about half-way to the edge that’s being hit.

Other attacks, such as certain glob projectiles, most notably from DLC 2, and the Bucky-Balls of Death, can bypass the barrier the same way. The Bucky Balls seem to be able to penetrate the barrier even if it’s on the ground. The glob-attacks are mostly negated if you drop the barrier.

Video 1: Dot in the water from rad launcher you strafed in to
Video 2: no idea
Video 3: badass tink tnt blew up under your feet

Here’s another short one. My own O.P.Q. kill me?



I was too close to the enemy and my shot bounced off him or what?

The OPQ does shock elemental splash damage (in other words it has exploding bullets).

Due to shock explosion.

Shock exploding bullets!? That’s not in the manual…


Lol I killed myself like a dozen times with this gun before I figured this out. I was very confused.

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Looks to me like you just got melted wrong place wrong time getting hit with splash and dot but it happens. Happens to me all the time after m10 came gotta really “watch your surroundings” lol