Help Me Understand ISIC Please!

Ok, so, I currently have every Battleborn except ISIC at at least level 8 (most much higher) except for ISIC.

ISIC is sitting halfway through level 2.

I just don’t understand him.

Every other character I have enjoyed and know that I can do at least average well with them in a given match.

But ISIC I have just absolutely FAILED with every time I’ve used him.

His Attack seems very weak, even when charged.

His Toby looking shields barely seem to do anything.

His Plasma Dash seems to go right through enemies without touching them?

He lumbers along fairly slowly and I seem to always be a target for everyone when im on the field.

What’s the deal?

Thanks in advance!

I felt the same way for a long long time.
Watched many guides, tried lot of different builds.
Hes just hard to be played as tank, and kinda lame as ranged dps-charged shoot AOE is nice but thats gonna be nerfed.
In games i usually stay behind till lvl5.
Then in right moment i try to unleash hell.
Even with decent amount of kills-i still find him unsatisfactory to play with.

I share your pain.


ISIC was another victim of the multi-nerf, where multiple things all got reduced at the same time. I think this was overdone. He was a very strong (but slow) character in PvE before, but I haven’t played him much since because it takes a while to get to a place where he feels viable. For PvE, Kleese has been a much better character to play.

Actually, I think GBX would benefit from the scientific concept called “Single Control of Variable” (SCV). You have a problem with multiple factors; you change ONE and see what happens before changing anything else. The Benedict buff was the same problem in the opposite sense. Please GBX, remember SCV!! Changing multiple parameters at once is just confusing, and risks making things worse!


Since he was hit by the nerf bat twice ISIC is a terrible tank. He has no other dmg skill besides dash which deals piss poor dmg.

Wards used to be OP then after the first nerf they were reasonable, now they absolutely blow for blocking dmg.

Right now it’s best to play him like marquis( his charge cannon is getting nerfed in dmg and AoE soon), just snipe people from the back trying to tank with him will net in a fail no matter what because his unique tanking style is countered by shield pen gear and helixs.

Be the best defender and harassed every. Cycle between shield recharge, wards,and alt shield to stay alive. Never stop shooting when possible. Focus on crits with charged shot. Dash to catch low health peeps. Protect others with your potentially unlimited shields, disrupty stun, wound, and ult. Be the .5 to all the 1 v 1s. Think like a ranged slow tanky Mellka. All that works for me. Note: he is still high tier apparently

I have -63% build cost to get lvl 5 asap. I use isic as a wave cleaner because he cant tank at all.

Use your plasma dash to get into high places, out of meele reach and use your wards when your shield is out.

I aim to the feet of my targets or behind them, im never ever close because you have low hp, low shield, low shield recharge rate and your hand shield is crap. He dosent have dmg reduction, health regen, big hp pool or shield, hee needs to chose btw hélix to get some tankines. Shane and aurox tank more than isic.

It took me a lot to know how to use this fake tank. Charge shots into minions wave to get fast xp, use your dash to et into high places to aim better, help with kills but never ever chase, your plasma dash stun is more to escape than secure a kill.


Doesn’t anyone have ANYTHING positive to say about poor ISIC?

Worst character in Battleborn as it stands now…?

He can hit hard, if well timed your wards can deflect priority target (reyna) and thats hilarious, can deflect marquid ultimate.

The problem is: wards are weak so after a few hits they puff away and in x lvl you get a hélix to increas the duration or get reduced cd if your wards expire, both usless Sincé wards have like 100hp

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Actually from what I hear he’s an instaban in draft play, as in, S-tier good. I’m no pro myself, but I can see his strengths.

-Plasma shot charges don’t need to reload and travel far for AOE damage, and the charge time can be reduced later on. The movement penalty can also be alleviated and the damage can be buffed through a mutation.

-I really never got the “wards are weak” complaint around here other than the fact that they used to be stronger. You’re blocking 655 total damage (and even more if you pick up burlier wards) with overcharge. And then from level 2 onward that damage is being reflected back towards the other guys, assuming they aren’t all melee/AOE. Plus you can move and attack during all of this.

-Plus once the Wards are down you’ve got a 1000 health alt shield you can use to wait out cooldowns. Which again, can be buffed to shield even more. I think the problem may come from the tank tag: ISIC CAN soak up damage, but he does it best at range, not up close. Melee fighters can really get the drop on him since they don’t have to worry about reflection and ISIC can’t attack during Aegis so he’s mostly praying for Plasma Dash to come back at that point. Maybe they should add “literal” to ISIC’s tank tag cause he’s more in line being an actual armored vehicle with a cannon than the traditional MMO term of “gets in and takes the heat.”

-I’ve found Omega Strike to be an excellent pushing tool. You get 40 seconds in it, so as long as the enemy doesn’t hard CC you you can pretty much lay waste to whatever you want for that time, with the long range shot deterring the enemy from trying to stop you. Meanwhile if you manage to flank the enemy while they’re preoccupied with your team? Insert Pacha meme here cause that is killing them just right. Obviously well coordinated folks WOULDN’T get hit by that but hey, solo queue life.

Like I say I’m no pro. These are just my positive experiences with the character. I could be off base on some of this (like the ward thing. I actually don’t know what constitutes as high numbers in this game. Is 655 not a lot when taking into account what else you can do?) but it feels like it works for me.



Wow, definite food for thought!

Thank you!

ISIC is a subject of controversy. He is still considered S-Tier by the top tier of players, but for the majority of BB players he’s a non-entity. He’s got a lot of different options, which may be why he is so high-learning curve, combined with slow movement and a large frame.

He does have pronounced melee weaknesses, but his ability to control the range game can be startling. Timing is a huge issue with ISIC. @epicender584 makes a good point about being the .5 for all the 1 vs. 1’s. Intercede, aid, cover.

I’ve seen Omega Strike single-handedly halt the strongest pushes, or slice ahead through an Incursion lane like a hot knife through butter. He needs supported when he goes into tank mode; good harassers keeping melee and CC targets off of him. It’s just so much fire he can direct downrange, all but the most stalwart resistance will crumble if he’s leading a well-coordinated push.

ISIC lacks the fundamental oomph to be a “bullet sponge” kind of tank. I’m not good with him, but the good ISICs I have seen have used him as part of a well-coordinated strategy. He’s a “team tank,” I suppose. He defies the standard image of the tank, which is out in the front, taking all the heat and smiling. Instead, he’s a brick that slides from engagement to engagement, applying just enough force and absorbing just enough damage to successfully carry that particular engagement.

This is why he’s a top-tier pick, I suppose; those players have that well-honed sense of exactly what level of force is required to win each battle.

I suppose there is something of a pattern; whenever I see an ISIC who’s not in a group with other players, he’s generally a bit of a pushover. If he’s linked up with other players in a group, especially if they’re all high-CR, he can be downright terrifying.



Also very well said!

It was so weird having plasma shots home in on myself

ISIC is far from the worst character. I just don’t like the way his nerfs came along, instead of going for his insanely powerful ranged dps they nerfed his tankinesss multiple times even though he’s labeled a tank

So im gonna get some levels with ISIC today.

What kind of gear do you guys recommend I use for him?

Ppl usually say, shield power + recharge per second and w.e you like.

His way to tank rly depends on his 3 shields and not his hp

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So I took ISIC for a spin through Archive advanced with @ThinkH2o last night, because I’d just completed Montana mastery. Somehow, I had completely missed that right-hand choice on the level 10 helix. Holy guacamole is that stuff fun! :dukecheese:



Yeah, those missiles are good times indeed!

So much this. So many complaints about so many characters are this.

I just want my wards to work if the opponent has the high ground and for them not to be negated by every aoe in the game