Help me with on Maya

Ok so I decided to start a Maya and I would like a a hand to hold on to and for said hand to teach me on how to do her right for all 3 playthroughs this means things such as

  1. What weapon types should I be using I am open to every type
  2. What class mod/s should I be using?
  3. What skills should I go down
  4. When should I do the dlc and in what order

This may seem pointless and dumb and I should figure this all out on my own well I don’t want to so uh help is appreciated and wanted

( I also wrote this on a tablet hence the lack of punctuation)

Here’s two Maya guides to help you out:

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I would suggest to just play and experiment until you hit a wall and then come for help. Learning the game is a great way to start. Normal and TVHM are very easy outside of a few road blocks so try things and see what you enjoy using. There are a ton of great ways to play her and set her up, so play around with it for awhile.

If your just starting out, and playing solo, I Recomend going down the Motion tree, the top half has lots of good skills and they are “exciting” to, which is nice. (Bullet reflection is cooler than +20% Mag size), once you get higher level you might want to respec into Cataclysm if you want Ruin (which is amazing in TVHM)

As for weapons/COMs, use whatever you find that matchs your other equipment. EG if you find a good Cat COM you should equip some SMGs. I also find Sniper to be good, especially with Reaper and Phaselock to keep them still. But any gun will do fine.

As for DLCs, I personally don’t do any DLC until UVHM since you’ll just overlevel (if you miss side quests you could do one whenever), but there’s no speacial time to do them.

Headhunter packs can be done whenever if your looking for a change if scenery for 30mins or so.

I agree with @Derch. It’s kind of hard to go wrong in normal mode anyway, since any build deficiencies can be compensated for by gearing up. There are different equally viable builds going through both Normal and True modes. It’s not really until you hit ultimate that your build has to be solid (although there continues to be some flexibility on details.)

That said, the DDD guide (first link in @ACNAero 's post) gives a good overview of what the individual skills do, and you can look at the various level builds at the end for ideas about different possible play-styles. The only other thing to take into consideration is whether you’re going to be playing solo or co-op: no point taking support skills if you’re only playing solo, but worth experimenting with if playing with friends. And don’t forget that you can always respec your skills if you don’t like what you’ve got.

Full Harmony (Normal) then Motion down to Converge (TVHM). Then start experimenting with Cataclysm. You may want to respec into Ruin+Converge when you hit UVHM, or just keep things the same if it’s working for you.

Level 31-

One point in Res if you’re doing coop.

Personally me being Maya too, i usually use shotguns and pistols. I think that She is best when using slag weapons and fire guns as well