Help me with powerlevel I'll help you farm

Hey guys right now I really can’t be bothered completing the whole game another time and spending ages levelling up, so if anyone can power level me that’d be great. I had bl2 on Xbox 360 as op8 so I can help farm if you like as a thank you.

Do you know of any good enemies to.Farm for good legendarys like you I had the game but have moved over to ps4 it’s been a.good 3 years since I last played borderlands I know of a few good places for legendary but after watching twitch and seeing some of this sweet loot people have I wana get my hands on it but can’t really remember the locations sorry for bombarding your post

@sparkz11212 No worries, my favourite places were pyro Pete and the dragons in tiny Tina, they are good for rare drops like seraph a and legendaries.

i can do the leveling. i’m on PST and can be found online mornings sometimes and evenings 6ish. at this rate i hope you’ll want to play cause just leveling people only is a bit dull.


Sounds good, I’ll add you now I’m sprat_boy29 I’ll farm with you when I’m high enough level