Help Meeeeeeeeeee please, Lost Character

clicked on ‘new game’ to begin TVHM, but there was no option to start this mode even though I have reached lvl 42 (or thereabouts) and it took me right to the very beginning.

I have a feeling in my gut like there has been a death in the family, does anyone know if there is a possibility that this can be reversed?

Kind Regards


Clicking on “New game” literally starts a new game, from scratch, with a new character.

Launch your game and hit Character Select (‘Y’); this should pull up a list of your saves.
Select your original character, at which point you should have the option to select either NVHM or TVHM.

Any time you’re unsure which character/mode you left off in, just hit ‘Y’ at the main game menu.

Really Thats awesome, cool thanks

I watched a youtube vid earlier about accessing the TVHM, and the little dude on the video stated that hitting new game, then from there popped up an option to begin TVHM.

Unfortunately, a lot of game channel YouTubers don’t bother with either scripts or rehearsals before recording. Take everything you see on-line with a pinch of salt (unless it’s one of @Derch’s videos).

I’ll also add that hitting “Continue” will load up whichever character and mode you played last.

thanks 101 :slight_smile: