Help My Borderlands 2 Has No Social Tab!

Hi can anyone help me i recently got into Borderlands. i got BL3 on may 3rd 2020 and i loved it so much i went and got mysef the handsome collection on may 7th. i have a different friend that wants to play BL2 with me so today after she installed it we both get online and she invited me but i wasn’t getting put into a party with her i realised i don’t have a Social Tab help how to i fix this. the game was bought through steam. heres a picture of my friends and mine games she has social tab mine does not… p.s i’m afraid to check Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel… UPDATE on this there is no Social Tab for the Pre-Sequel either and here’s a picture and i haven’t gotten BL1 yet

You are in offline/lan mode. That’s default in TPS (at least on consoles) press N for Network option (bottom right) and change it. On BL2 your session is updating so this may be the reason, but try to change it too.

thanks i’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

ok so i hit N went online on both BL2 and BLPS still no Social Tab to invite my friend but each game went into a kind of loop “creating online session” and just looped so it was trying to so something

Once you will see friends in main menu (like in first screen) you can invite them by clicking their name. And you may know it worked by the icon next to mission name. The one on first screen is “friends only” iirc (the same icons are in Network options).
If the session is in the loop, it may be something wrong with your internet connection.

i’m going to try and reset my internet router shortly gonna leave it off for a good 10 mins or so now that i think about it someone did bump the internet router a few days ago some some of my other games were saying make sure your device is connection to the internet

btw i appreciate all your help thank you

it’s been a long and fun adventure we had some ups we had some downs but i pretty sure i fixed it i have my Social Tab and yeah so thank you very much

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Hey, how did you fix it? I’m trying to play it with a friend and the Social tab doesn’t show up. I’m playing from Epic Games and she’s playing on Steam.

Please let me know how you fixed this issue. I’m having the same problem and it’s not clear how to resolve it!

Hi, same problem here! Did anyone fix it?

Hi! I’m kind of having the same trouble here, a friend of mine and I just bought the game, and we cannot play together, I have the social tab but he doesn’t, I send him and invite and the game just doesn’t allowed him to connect and if i try to jumo on his game it tells me that the connection to the host has been lost, can someone please help me? :frowning:

I’ve heard that one possibility is firewall settings. Check specifically in Windows Defender Firewall settings and drill down to application-specific settings for BL2. Make sure BL2 is set as allowed to connect even if the global firewall setting is off.

I already check and my Firewalls are deactivated on my mac, and my friends Firewalls are deactivated too, he has a windows pc, but, as far as i know, we can play doesn’t matter that, right? We’re still having this problem :frowning:

All I can suggest at this point is filing a support ticket for further assistance.